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Old smokers hiding in the bathroom to stop the car was forced to restrict the purchase of tickets qualifications – the national day of the National People’s daily travel must pay attention to, do not smoke in the car. Because smoking is found once, you may be restricted to buy a car ticket; was found two times, then you will be included in the permanent purchase of EMU black list". In September 27th, the WCC reporter learned from the Chengdu Railway Bureau, 22, ShangHai HongQiao Railway Station to Chengdu east railway station D353 train, a sixty elderly craving, secretly hiding in the toilet compartment smoking, on the spot by the railway police danghuo. Eventually, the railway police fined the passengers, while his information into the system, he was temporarily limited to buy a train ticket. The next time if you want to take a train, you have to go to the Chengdu Railway Bureau customer service center signed an agreement before you can buy tickets. Huaxi Dushi Bao reporter learned that this is following the August 15th China Railway Corporation Transport Bureau issued the history of the most stringent high-speed rail smoking ban, the first case of passengers in Sichuan high-speed rail smoking is restricted ticket case. Smoker addiction luck hiding toilet smoking smoke alarm forced to stop smoking in the EMU despite the publicity continues to expand, and the railroad department issued the "most non tobacco", however, there are still many passengers have luck in the car smoking, causing adverse consequences. In September 22nd 16 PM, ShangHai HongQiao Railway Station to Chengdu east railway station D353 train running in Chongqing railway, the driver suddenly found the car 9, smoke alarm, immediately through the walkie talkie to inform the train staff and guard, and the train stop. The car with the car, the train conductor in conjunction with the police rushed to the No. 9 car mechanic, the car parts were examined individually, finally found the smoke alarm because passengers Lee caused by smoking in the toilet. Police inquiry found that the original 64 year old Lee is an old smoker, with more than forty years of age. The same day, he EMU train ride from Shanghai to return to Chongqing, although he saw the craving inside the "no smoking" signs, still hold a psychological hid in the bathroom. Who knows just smoke on the smoke did not smoke a few, the car suddenly stopped. Soon, the police found him. "This is the most severe smoke ban after the entry into force, the first case of Sichuan passengers forced to stop smoking EMU case." Railway personage introduction. The consequences are very serious, old smokers on the blacklist to sign the purchase agreement to get rid of the lift, the passengers were handed over to the police station in Chengdu investigation. Railway Police in accordance with the provisions of the railway safety management regulations, the passengers gave a fine punishment. At the same time, the passenger’s identity information is entered, temporarily restricted its purchase of the EMU ticket number. "At present, he has been unable to buy tickets, if you need to buy it, need to go to the Chengdu Railway Bureau customer service center signed a commitment agreement to lift the restrictions after." Chengdu Railway Bureau stakeholders, once the lifting of the restrictions, once again found on the motor car smoking, then he will face a lifetime ban on the purchase of train tickets, punishment". News River相关的主题文章: