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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Superkleen Direct is an e-shopping portal. Most .panies have websites and offer online shopping. Online shopping could be the best way you can shop for industrial cleaning products. Another advantage of shopping online is you can get great deals and discount and you can save on larger quantity orders. Superkleen Direct is a leading supplier of Industrial Cleaning Products, specializing in Spot Stain Removers. It is a part of Albatross USA Inc. which has been in existence since 1898 located in Long Island, NY. The industrial cleaning supply is supplied throughout the world. Apart from Spot Stain Remover Superkleen Direct offers cleaners, lubricants, adhesives as well as specialty chemicals, cleaning and dispensing systems to quality minded consumers and industrial users throughout the world. Albatross aims at bringing the highest quality products and equipment to meet your needs. When you purchase anything from superkleendirect.. all your transactions will be processed by Albatross USA, Inc. You may find certain Industrial Cleaning Supply products hard to find but with Superkleen Direct they are just a click away. Whether you are looking for Zep Cleaners, lubricants, adhesives, spot stain removers, and application and storage equipment. You will find Industrial Cleaning Products easily which otherwise may not be easy to locate. Spot Stain Removers: The most .plete line of spot stain remover and eco-friendly cleaning solutions are now found on the web with Superkleen Direct. What you can easily find here are Carbona, K2r, Janie, Everblum, and AFTA. Adhesives like Loctite, CRC and Super Lube can also be found on this site. For auto shops and industry, synthetic lubricants from Lubriplate, CRC and Super Lube handle the toughest of lubrication requirements. Industrial Cleaning Supply: Whether it a a Zep Cleaner, spot stain remover and industrial cleaning supply products for any industry be it machinery, automotive, marine or any .mercial related industry needs you will find them all on Superkleen Direct . You can even find carpet spot stain remover or any type of cleaning product here. Our collection is vast and .plete. Apart from these we also have Loctite adhesive and other chemical storage cabi.s to keep your shop safe and secure. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: