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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Rakhi or Rakshabandhan is one of the famous festivals of India. The word ‘Raksha’ means protect and ‘Bandhan, means bonding. This festival depicts the unconditional love and bond of affection between a brother and a sister. The sister prays for the welfare of her brother and the brother offers to help her by all means throughout her life during any hardship. Rakhi is celebrated every year on ‘Shravan purnima’ which generally falls in the month of August. On this day the sister applies Tilak on their brother’s forehead and tie a sacred thread called Rakhi on their brother’s wrist. Then sweets are offered to their brothers. The brothers in return give their sisters gifts like dresses, jewels or any other item according to their desire. Rakhi is celebrated across the globe with the same spirit as in India. The love between brothers in no way can be affected by any distance. Rakhis are sent to India to the brothers by their sisters who have settled abroad. Rakhis are being manufactured in accordance with the changing styles and fashion. Trendy Rakhis, Rakhis studded with pearls, silver Rakhis etc. are in vogue now. Rakhis are sent within India by courier or by post. But the latest trend is online Rakhis. Owing to practical difficulties in meeting for this particular occasion Rakhis are being sent online. With a click of the mouse Rakhis can be delivered to a particular address. Huge collection of beautiful Rakhis, cheap Rakhis to India can be picked up from a variety of Rakhis and can be sent online to any address across the globe. Rakshabandhan is a festival of north India. But, of late, south Indians too follow this culture. They purchase Rakhis and tie as the north Indians do. The season of Rakhi is the time when people their worries and engage themselves in buying the most beautiful and ornamental Rakhis. Sending Rakhis by post or by courier has its own risk of breakage if not handled with care. So, online Rakhis is the safest and easiest mode of sending Rakhis to India from abroad. Just by a click of the mouse you are able to select Rakhis from a wide range of display. Select the ones you need and send. The rest of the process takes place automatically. Online rakhi shopping allows the user to select from unlimited range just by sitting at home or office. This saves lot of time and energy. Shopping can be done by optional payment. by using debit card or credit card. The products are delivered at the doorstep of the recipient with no hassle. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: