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Our football 04 release best lineup synchronization beta [Abstract] "lineup" will officially open beta on November 4th, when the comedy film "our football" will also be released simultaneously. Football competitive online games as the pinnacle of the 37 "best team" will be officially opened on November 4th at the comedy film "beta," our football will also be released simultaneously. The new game content to meet with you, set a number of classic games, showing very passionate sports world; super luxury actors gathered in a wonderful story full of jokes, only to give you a happy weekend, this weekend, and the game player playing to boiling, and the audience laugh to lung pain! "Best team" official website: "zjzr 37" jokes football "conference" and "best team" of football theme jokes football match, in the audience, so it is still the majority of fans love football, game player, love football, this is also the reason why the 37 "best" and "lineup our football game" cooperation, and the comedy movie like faith, is to bring happiness to everyone to bring laughter, and let everyone get relaxation in football in the blood, believe in the film and game of the day, can let the audience feel the game player both bring happiness! Chi Chung Lam came to accept the interview "jokes football" is to create, by the Hongkong comedy gold team directed by Chi Chung Lam, Christopher Doyle photography, the main actors are versatile artist Su Jianxin, comedian Benny Chan, gold supporting actress Law Ka Ying also known as Hao Shaowen, Zhang Jicong, Hou Minghao, Sun Mingming, Fan Wei, Zou Wenzheng. In addition, "jokes" football director Chi Chung Lam Mr. 37 game "legend br" spokesperson and star game player game player, is also very familiar with and love a star, "jokes" can be said that football is not released has attracted the attention of many people, there are half of what you love 37 "Legend". Br. In addition to the movie stars with the photo frame, 37 "best team" story of the game is also very interesting, the story unfolded by a warm love between father and son, determined to grow up to lead will bring them to the top of world football, game player in the game will control the protagonist, experience the dream, through the various players a copy of the system culture, enhance the players ability to challenge all the world teams, game player in the plot rendering, will be more into the game. The club was founded either a novice or had played football games like old driver, in the 37 "best team", the system will close to arrange for you to easily guide NPC, how do you spend the main task and the various tasks. If you feel that the game is not enough for you with the human NPC, you can also interact with the players to share the experience of clearance. 37 "best team" in the follow-up will continue to update the copy system to ensure that you keep fresh. The target system 37 "best team" is a reality as the theme of the football sports web game; game player play football manager, running his own team, get new players through the task target; by strengthening their ability of players training players:相关的主题文章: