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Over 3 China tourists go abroad also eat instant noodles that taste familiar – Sohu News Reference News Network September 30th Hong Kong media reported that Chinese visitors how love instant noodles? Ali travel and dig Choi jointly issued a report that China tourists outbound tourism, there are up to 31.29% of people with instant noodles counterparts, and even do not take out, there are 58.24% China visitors will buy instant noodles in tourism destination. The Chinese consumers of instant noodles, true love is not without reason, in addition to saving money, there are 3 reasons for food and drink culture. According to Hongkong’s "Economic Daily" website reported on September 29th, entitled "outbound tourism and the bubble logic research report" Statistics found that Chinese travel abroad travel average is about 5 days, more than three adults with instant noodles counterparts; 50.36% of them carry the instant noodles abroad tourists, luggage filled with 3 to 5 instant noodles, that is to say, more than half of the day cannot do without instant noodles. Keen to travel abroad "buy buy buy" Chinese tourists, why have to eat instant noodles cheap? Cheap is not the main reason for the investigation of the reasons for the investigation, the first reason is not accustomed to eating local food, second is to save travel dining time, cheap only ranked third. "Eat local food", not used to investigate the alleged, Chinese taste Diao, not accustomed to eating Western-style food, and people in need of help, instant noodles always seem especially good, and with a familiar taste, give a person with warm. It is interesting that the report also shows that Chinese tourists love for instant noodles and age, but not related to income. Among them, the older the tourists are more cannot do without instant noodles, report shows that 70 tourists carrying instant noodles outbound tourism up to 66.14% the proportion of 80; 53.82%; the proportion of 90 tourists carrying instant noodles to reduce to 50.96%. The report believes that this shows from the side of the young people have a better ability to adapt to the environment, willing to try the local diet, rather than guarding the instant noodles. Reported that, compared to the single and pragmatic married population, the couple in love with the lowest degree of dependence on instant noodles, and married and have children of tourists depending on the instant noodles as high as 60.51%. Not accustomed to eating instant noodles to eat Western-style food monthly income of 20 thousand also reported that the instant noodles is cheap food? In the eyes of Chinese tourists really love instant noodles is not the case. The report shows that even if the monthly income of 20 thousand yuan (RMB, same below) above the rich handsome and white Formica, there are still 43% of the proportion depends on the instant noodles, the proportion of monthly income of 5000 yuan of the following the crowd is not too obvious gap. Last year, a group of Chinese aunt squatting in front of the entrance to the Italy GUCCI counter to eat instant noodles photos have caused foreign media hot, reflecting the Chinese people’s love of instant noodles.相关的主题文章: