The Hefei men’s room two sell swindled 550 thousand yuan jailed for 6 and a half years denka

The Hefei men’s room two sell swindled 550 thousand yuan jailed for 6 and a half years of Anhui financial network to do business at a loss because the people of Hefei need money, Yang Moumou first will own a housing compensation for creditors, and fake real estate license housing will be sold again to others, causing the parties dispute not broken. In September 26th, the market star, Anhui financial network reporter from Hefei City Court was informed that the day before the defendant Yang Moumou found guilty of contract fraud, forgery of documents of state organs, seal jailed for 6 and a half years, and fined 300 thousand yuan. Yang Moumou is an individual industrial and commercial households, due to business needs to borrow funds to Zhang couple, due to a loss of business and money to return. In 2014 October, Yang Moumou to Zhang and his wife issued a statement: voluntary transfer of housing mortgage their name will be located in Hefei city Jingan District of Yaohai Economic Development Zone in Longgang metro area A a housing transfer mortgaged to Zhang and his wife. After Zhang issued a repayment plan: Zhang owed loan 1 million 200 thousand yuan, before the Spring Festival will be the house price of 640 thousand yuan before the end of June 2015, the balance of payments 320 thousand yuan, in December 30, 2015 to pay off. However, in 2014, in December, the urgent need for funds and the housing will be commissioned by a real estate management company. After a real estate management company intermediary, Yang Moumou signed a contract with the stock of housing sales, the two sides agreed to sell the house to 565 thousand yuan. Yang Moumou to conceal the fact that the house has been mortgaged to creditors, while providing a false real estate license for the transfer of registration. Until January 14, 2015, Hemou Hemou paid a total purchase of 554 thousand Yuan Yang Moumou, Yang Moumou house keys to Hemou, then the two sides agreed to pay the remaining 11 thousand yuan for the housing transfer, he moved into the house. At the same time, 16 of the same day, Yang Moumou and the housing transfer to Zhang wife for the debt, after Zhang couples are unable to get housing. As a result of the sale of two parties to the parties continue to dispute, Yang Moumou will cheat Hemou purchase money of $554 thousand for repayment of other debt. The day before, the court held that the defendant Yang Moumou illegal possession for the purpose of knowing that their houses have a set of compensation to the creditor, and the victim and the stock of the housing sales contracts signed, and the performance of the contract process, fake real estate license to conceal the truth, to cheat the victim of property, a total value of RMB 554 thousand yuan, its behavior constituted the crime of contract fraud. In addition, Yang Moumou in the sale of other houses forged state organs documents, seals, their behavior has constituted the crime of forging documents, seals. Accordingly, the court in accordance with the law in accordance with the crime of fraud, forgery of state organs documents, seals, sentenced the defendant Yang Moumou imprisonment in six years and six months, and fined three hundred thousand yuan. Star brother commented: Ming know only one suite, because the lack of money actually set up a room two to sell, resulting in disputes between the parties continue. Therefore, to remind consumers should be vigilant in the sale of housing when the content should be clear. Before the purchase must do a good job of adequate knowledge and legal reserves, only to know more talent相关的主题文章:

The man believes that 2 years ago has found the child, son of a tangled heart

Men think 2 years ago to find the child "son" a tangled heart morning news reporters Yang Yang and Chen Yaling morning two years ago, has become a key clue for the Jin Yongxiang network for many years, are found in Zhao Huadong of Henan. Just when Zhao Huadong thinks he is the "gold Yuanfei", father Jin Yongxiang has said that two years ago he had found the child and recognize the pro. Yesterday morning, contact the Jin Yongxiang two years ago Renqin "son" Xiao Zhu, Xiao Zhu out his tangled heart to reporters. [strange] "son" half do not answer the phone in November 2014, Jin Yongxiang happily found son Xiao Zhu, last year lunar winter off in Tongan cigarette and liquor vendor, returned the rental of old houses, ease back to Sichuan Zigong home for mother’s birthday, and ready to enjoy a self built housing. Arguably, the long lost son should often exchange, greeting each other, but after Jin Yongxiang returned home, Xiao never answered his phone. "I don’t know why he didn’t answer my phone." Yesterday, Jin Yongxiang said understand the hearts of more than a year, just after the magazine will call greetings, "father" 3Run almost every month, he also secretly pleased son of filial piety, but since he returned home, my attitude is slowly changed. "He said he was not free." Jin Yongxiang wonder, he returned home for a phone call Xiao Zhu, but was 3Run declined, then to 3Run call has not answered before, has been more than six months. [sad] love "father" to expose Jin Yongxiang’s heart to answer doubts, the reporter contacted the 3run. Xiao Zhu in the heart can not bear to the heart of the idea: "in fact…… I think…… I’m not the son he’s looking for." Xiao Zhu is poor man, five or six years old was abducted in Putian Xianyou, for many years he wants to find his parents, find her identity. In 2014, Jin Yongxiang and the Tongan police together in front of him, he hopes that with the blood pumping. "It wasn’t long before he (Jin Yongxiang) told me that the test results came out, I was his son." Xiao Zhu said that at first he did not dare to believe, but when Jin Yongxiang said to take him to the police view the test report, he chose to believe. 3Run together with his wife and children to Jin Yongxiang at the temporary office with Anyang Zhai, in Renqin and see if some can evoke childhood memories. "But after a walk, the scene was completely different from my memory." 3Run lost ground, that is when he thought it should be mistaken. "I can’t bear to directly expose the fact." Xiao Zhu said he was abducted children, that tracing is not easy, an old man searching for 10 years, eat Kushou tired a lot, in order to make Jin Yongxiang a spiritual sustenance, he also temporarily by default. However, the heart does not identify the 3Run, eventually choose to avoid the "father", but he has been unable to tell Jin Yongxiang the truth, only gradually alienated the father". When Xiao Zhu learned that Zhao Huadong probably is in the golden Yuanfei, he happily said a blessing. "If it were his son, I hope they will have a good time." [truth] DNA results were not fully matched;相关的主题文章:

07 men with type 06 family reunion show single issued to commemorate all the memories kill (video) tokyo hot n0476

07 men with type 06 family reunion show single issued to commemorate all the memories kill [Abstract] Wu Bin, Ma Haisheng and Rex Yu, Wang Xiaokun, Xiu family two of the classical CP common interpretation of ten years for a moment’s memories of youth, family reunion show opening overture. My SHOW KTV official version of Tencent entertainment news on September 22, 2006, my Show finals in Shanghai stage perfectly. Today 2006 I type I Show anniversary of the single "do not meet" official release. Wu Bin, Ma Haisheng and Rex Yu, Wang Xiaokun, Xiu family two of the classical CP common interpretation of ten years for a moment’s memories of youth, family reunion show opening overture. 06 years before and after the ten year I type I Show began in 2004, and the year is recognized as one of the most influential type of show, called the heyday of the type of show in the period of the year 06, the. In September 22nd 006, my Show finals in Shanghai stage perfectly. Then a pair of CP – SK in the high popularity of Wang Xiaokun became the champion, Rex Yu and Shi Yang, Seven Gao and Wu Bin and Ma Haisheng tied for the semi-finals, ranked fifth and seventh respectively. A year later, Wu Bin and as the core of the OP combination and won the 2007 I type I Show championship. At that time, these four people, have a very good vision for the future. Today, four, Wang Xiaokun is still active in the music industry, often published his music and film and television works, just recently directed the movie "finished". Rex Yu had to concentrate on building the business trend of beverage FlyJuice. Wu Bin also has to become the director behind the scenes, before the "time" and "is a musical! Mr. Shang is also his work. The most promising star dolphin Prince Ma Haisheng, then returned to his hometown in Guangdong inherited the family business, from the horse into a little less than Ma Dong. "Met" open type show 12 year reunion "met" Overture is the first director Wu Bin Ma Haisheng starred in "the times" musical theme song, by Lin Caixin, Lara Veronin, and Liu Sihan version of Pan Chen singing girl played the four sisters. This song can be said that the show squad, producer Wu Bin, composer is 08 show champion Tang Hanxiao, Wu Bin, Tang Hanxiao and lyricist Duan Sisi pearl type 07 show, even when there are OP lineup arrangement combination of gaoyang. Wu Bin admitted that in the writing process will have very strong show sense. Therefore, the first male version in April 2nd of last year have been recorded, and is scheduled to be officially released in September 22nd this year, a memorial as the type 06 show for ten years, is also a gift to show fans. It’s nice to meet you, "even if we never meet again". The first type show since 04 years has been 12 years, a lot of people have disappeared in the stage, but also some people insist on down, and getting better. As a recent fire Joker, has been a good development of Qi Wei, and in the music industry fast brother Zhao Yingjun etc.. And have said the Xiu family reunion for a long time, it will be realized, perhaps by the end of next year, perhaps, perhaps it is for several years. But a small group of 06 shows:相关的主题文章:

Ang Lee returns! Billy – the midfield battle of Lynn widcomm

Ang Lee returns! "Billy Lynn’s war" midfielder Ang Lee new military gear fixed mining real emotional challenge the limits of technology focused military groups scheduled November 11th Sina entertainment news October 10th, new director Ang Lee Billy – "Lynn midfielder war" officially announced Chinese mainland file November 11th, released simultaneously in North america. As more than four years of painstaking work, director Ang Lee once again break through the self challenge limit, using 120 4K 3D frame format beyond the existing film technology of shooting, bring has never experienced screen impressions for the world, with the audience to witness the birth of a new era of film. The film will be held at local time on October 14th in New York International Film Festival, the world premiere. The mainland file November 11th advanced technology opens a new era of film in 3D film has become a film of idiomatic patterns today, the screen flicker problem caused by the low number of frames has become a problem plaguing the industry. Ang Lee, director of the 3D version of the film, said the boy’s fantasy drift was inspired, determined to explore a better way to shoot. The film uses 120 frame format over the existing film frames 5 times, combined with ultra clear 4K and 3D images, will be unable to imagine the future movie screen on the big screen. For the challenges of new technology, director Ang Lee said: "the 120 frame so that the screen without dithering, 4K make more clear picture, plus 3D, you will feel very near future role, the film should be like this." But watch what, director Ang Lee said: "because the amount of information is sufficient, see time would be more focused, also seem to be more comfortable, and your sense of experience will be stronger." In November 11th, the mainland audience will be synchronized with the global watch movie content. The new focus on the military groups to tap the hero behind the true emotions in addition to technology, Billy – Lynn’s war in the middle of the film is also the focus of public concern. In this regard, director Ang Lee stressed: now some people will think I made an anti war film, which is not my original intention, I would like to talk about is the military." Director Ang Lee further explained: "this group of soldiers, for most people is still strange. Soldiers are soldiers, they are not the people of the eyes of the hero, I want more people to understand their true feelings and hearts." Turning to the role of the soldiers in the film, Ang Lee made his own opinion: soldiers were told how to survive on the battlefield, but has not been told how to survive after the war. I think there is a sense of fate on the military, just like the film, in my case, is a kind of fate." "Billy Lynn’s war" midfielder will be held the world premiere at the New York International Film Festival on October 14th local time, then director Ang Lee will carry all creative red carpet. "Billy – Lynn’s midfield war" directed by Ang Lee, especially the Joe – Alvin, Kristen – Stewart, Chris – Tucker, Garnett Hedlund, starring Li Chun, Steve, Martin – the dissel special performance. The film tells the story of the 19 year old American soldier Billy – in the heavy casualties of the Iraq war and the victory of his comrades in arms, known as the United States and the United Kingdom in the United Kingdom, the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States in the相关的主题文章:

Yiwu 67 year old uncle fatigue caused 6 car collided thought he was hit ca1805

Yiwu 67 year old uncle fatigue caused 6 car collided thought he was hit uncle fatigue driving, imperceptibly narrowed eye caused the six vehicles collided, thought he was hit by daily news (reporter Wang Xuhang correspondent Wang Huayin) on September 18th in the afternoon at 2:30 pm, Yiwu dawn Lake Chau tower Church Road with six cars collided the traffic accident, four people were injured, estimated losses of 100 thousand yuan. The accident of the Volkswagen car driver surnamed Xu, 67 years old, who lives in Yiwu Xiangshan district. At noon, he and his wife and son in Chi’an relatives after dinner for city driving. By dawn Lake Chau Road church tower sleep, Xu uncle tried to open eyes to drive ahead, but this time he was too sleepy, in a moment of squinting imperceptibly only to hear "bang bang," a few times continuous impact sound. Xu uncle "wake up, thought it was someone else’s handlebar his Volkswagen was hit. "After the crash, two airbags on my car have been ejected, but fortunately near misses." The hospital, Xu uncle a rib fracture, sitting in the car in the back seat of his wife his right foot fracture, need surgery, grandson is no big deal. Recalled the scene at the time, modern cars waited for the green light signal stopped at the intersection before the incident Mr. Shi scared. "I drove through the intersection is just a red light, so the car parked on the right side of straight lane waiting. Unexpectedly, the car just stopped, the back of the car was rear ended." Mr. Shi said, due to the impact force, modern cars left rear wheel bearing on the spot was broken, and then crashed into a parked in front of a Nissan car tail, Dongfeng car and crashed into the front of the serial crossing a TOYOTA car. The Volkswagen car did not stop, but like a runaway horse go the straight lane rushed, then hit the front of a car rear end in the same small ordinary passenger bus in the light, inertia, and crashed into a parked in front of the intersection of a pickup truck tail. September 19th morning, Yiwu City Public Security Bureau, the city traffic police brigade squadron police deal with the accident by accident investigation, accident liability to parties, asked about the accident witnesses and other relevant circumstances, full responsibility for the accident the driver of a Volkswagen sedan uncle negative of the accident, the other five car driver without responsibility.相关的主题文章: