Student internship infringement frequency occurred you have suffered unfair treatment ca1805

You have suffered infringement occur frequently unfairly treated students? – Beijing, the original title: 71.3% internship experience of college students surveyed said they had suffered unfair treatment at present, many college students are important human resources unit, but the students practice the tort events occur frequently. Compared with the employing units, interns are mostly in a weak position, vulnerable to unfair treatment, reduced to cheap labor, back pot man, etc.. Last week, China youth daily social investigation center through the network questionnaire, a survey of 2000 college students, to have the practice experience of college students surveyed, 71.3% people suffered unfair treatment. The workload is too large or the working time is too long (51.8%) is the most common situation encountered by students, followed by the job description and job description does not match (45.7%). Encounter unfair treatment, 49.8% of respondents said that college students will communicate with the practice unit or the competent leadership, 43% of the respondents chose to resign, 42.8% of the respondents would swallow. To safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of students practice, 63% of respondents suggested the introduction of special laws and regulations to clarify the powers and responsibilities of the parties, and 62.7% of the respondents recommended the establishment of a dedicated platform for interns. College students involved in the survey, 92.9% of people have had internship experience. Practice shows that 51.8% of respondents when workload is too large or too long working time, internship college students surveyed, 55.6% said their internship experience some of the harvest, some small; 21.2% of people said that most of the harvest; and 2.9% of the respondents did not feel the harvest. Only 20.2% of respondents said most of the harvest. Further investigation showed that 62.2% of the people who practice most of the cases are paid, and no more than 25.1% of the respondents, and about 12.8% of respondents said it was difficult to say. In order to increase the work experience, read the third year of the University of Su Yuming (a pseudonym) a month ago into a Internet Co internship in Beijing, the editorial department responsible for the operation and promotion of the site, 60 yuan a day reward. He told reporters that he had thought that interns will be more relaxed than formal employees, under the guidance of the formal staff will learn a lot of things. But work for a period of time to find that the situation is much different from his imagination. To complete the task in cooperation and predecessors, the actual work will gradually fall on my body, but also with the contents of the work in the company and the Department in charge of this is not the same, I account from time to time be done some extra work." Su Yuming said, although the practice also gave him knowledge and training opportunities, but it is too hard. Survey shows that surveyed college students most want to get from the practice of social experience and work experience (74.2%) (70.2%), also includes other employment opportunities (46.3%), good (32.7%), resume contacts (27.5%), paid (23.5%) etc.. Hebei, a college of design students Fang Wen (a pseudonym) in Hangzhou, an entrepreneurial advertising company internship. During the internship, she participated in the company.相关的主题文章:

Japanese media China has built a drilling platform in the East China Sea has increased to 17 – Sohu

Japanese media: Chinese in the East China Sea and built a drilling platform has increased to 17 – Sohu Military Channel text with map: Chinese has never recognized the legitimacy of the middle line ". Global network reported: according to Japanese media reports, the Japanese government officially confirmed on the 31 day, the Chinese government in the East China Sea, Japan and the middle line (China has never admitted) near the oil and gas field a new drilling platform. So far China’s drilling platform in the sea to 17. Reported that the Japanese coast guard in October 28th issued navigational warnings in the East China Sea, north latitude 29 degrees 45.4 minutes east longitude 125 degrees 45.3 minutes near the "mining device" on the grounds that the ships are reminded that, but did not disclose the details of all facilities and issued a warning. In July 2015, the Japanese government announced the construction of a total of 16 drilling platforms on the side of the so-called Sino Japanese middle line. Although the Japanese side has repeatedly protested to the Chinese government, the Japanese government in October 12th announced that it has confirmed that the 16 oil and gas fields in the mining facilities and there are 2 fire, probably a total of more than 12 production began. According to Japan’s Kyodo News reported on November 1st, the Japanese Foreign Minister Kishida Fumio held a press conference on the 1 day, Chinese mobile mining ship in the vicinity of East China Sea oil and gas exploration facilities and operations, has protested to china. For the Japanese government had China protest in the East China Sea oil and gas field development issue, foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said, the relevant Chinese oil and gas activities are in the sea areas under the jurisdiction of Chinese no dispute, completely is China’s sovereign rights and jurisdiction within the scope of things.相关的主题文章:

Explain the 2016 China intelligent vehicle challenge (multi points) – Science and technology Sohu

Explain the 2016 China intelligent vehicle challenge (multi points) – 1 new technology Sohu Zhi Yuan recommended source: wisdom eye observation [new] 2016 "Chinese Zhi Yuan introduction intelligent vehicle challenge" 13 in Jiangsu, Changshu successfully concluded, after fierce competition, from the Academy of military transportation "army of the lion No. 2" and "army of lion No. 1" comprehensive performance out of the first, two. The challenge is divided into two parts of urban roads and high-speed roads, road simulation reality set multiple obstacles, including U-turn, identify the red and green light, to avoid identification dummy, stationary vehicle car overtaking, and so on, this paper made a detailed challenge to each subject game. In 2016 eighth "Chinese intelligent vehicle challenge" 13 November 10th held in Changshu, 23 teams from various colleges and universities, scientific research institutions and enterprises at the tournament. After fierce competition, from the Academy of military transportation, the army to pay the lion 2 and the army to pay the lion lion, No. 1, the overall score of the first, the two. The following is a high-speed road and urban road specific score. 2016 Chinese intelligent vehicle challenge score Chinese 2016 highway intelligent vehicle challenge score for urban road intelligent car competition, many people are not very understand. Is this the same speed as a regular car? In fact, not exactly like this, the game is divided into two parts of urban roads and high-speed roads, high-speed road traffic than urban roads are more complex, it is reported that "set multiple barriers to simulate the real road" game squares the middle of the track, today let us know about it! This is the starting point to start to start the smart car competition, the organizing committee will send the first network file teams, the smart car has to do is wait for the identification and analysis of network file, in front of traffic lights instructions, a bright green light smart car will automatically recognize and departure. U_turn starting point after the first task is U-turn, smart cars need to identify the road signs, after the identification of path planning. This requires a good integration of vehicle camera data and radar data, vehicle control can not be deviation, the requirements of the smart car is still high. Identification of traffic lights is very important for intelligent vehicles, it is an important part of the smart car can go on the road. All the teams have their own identification methods, most teams use camera to identify, in the recognition algorithm is very different, a simple color recognition, while others use the "smart" deep learning algorithms, different methods, each team showed the effect is different. Across the road of the dummy in this place, in front of the vehicle to the dummy, brake, wait for Dummies "through" the road, can pass. In fact, the difficulty of the subject is not large, the vehicle forward process, the dummy in the middle of the road, in front of the top of the top intelligence radar, can easily identify and wait for it to leave, and then through the. Sidewalk dummy lifelike dummies, through the crosswalk.相关的主题文章:

The dynamic adjustment of financial power division — Finance —

The dynamic adjustment of financial power division — Finance — Xinhua news agency in Beijing in August 24,     recently, the State Council issued the "guiding opinions on promoting the central and local fiscal powers and expenditure responsibilities reform" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), to promote the central and local financial powers and expenditure responsibilities reform make overall deployment. "Opinions" pointed out that financial governance is the use of fiscal funds level should be undertaken by the government to provide basic public services and tasks and responsibilities, expenditure responsibility is the protection of the government to fulfill the financial expenditure obligations and powers. The reasonable division of the central and local financial powers and expenditure responsibility is the premise and guarantee the effective provision of basic public services, is an important part of the establishment of a modern financial system is the objective need to promote national governance systems and governance capacity modernization. "Opinions" requirements, to promote the central and local fiscal powers and expenditure responsibilities to reform, to adhere to the socialist road and Chinese Party leadership, adhere to financial governance by the central government decided to stick to and improve the socialist market economic system, adhere to the rule of law and standardized road, adhere to actively and steadily promote the overall development of. To follow the basic public service reflects the range of benefits, government functions and administrative efficiency, realize the unity of rights and responsibilities, encouraging local governments to take the initiative as the expenditure responsibilities and fiscal powers to divide the principles of scientific, rational division of the central and local financial powers and expenditure responsibilities, the formation of the central leadership, empowerment, standardize and efficient operation the central and local fiscal powers and expenditure responsibilities, implement the responsibility to provide basic public services, improve the supply of basic public service efficiency, promote the government to better perform their duties responsibly. "Opinions" clear, the first is to promote the central and local financial power division. A modest strengthening of the central financial guarantee of local governance, financial governance performance, reduce and regulate the central and local financial common governance, the establishment of Financial Governance Division dynamic adjustment mechanism. Two is to improve the central and local expenditure responsibility division. The central government governance by central government expenditure responsibilities, local financial governance by the local government expenditure responsibilities, the central and local fiscal powers according to the common attributes of basic public services, from division of expenditure responsibilities. Three is to accelerate the provincial fiscal powers and expenditure responsibilities. Some suitable assumed by a higher level of government to maintain social stability and promote regional economic coordinated development of the economy and other basic public service functions will move, appropriate transfer the function of basic public services from the government at the grass-roots level play information, management advantages, and according to the things below the provincial power division, the financial system and government financial situation, reasonable set below the provincial level of government expenditure responsibilities. "Opinions" requirements and strengthen collaboration to promote reform, 2016 selected areas such as defence and Foreign Affairs launched the central and local fiscal powers and expenditure responsibilities to reform. 2017 – 2018 for education, health care, environmental protection, transportation and other basic public services in the field of breakthrough progress. 2019 – 2020 basically completed the main areas of reform, combing the need to rise to the contents of the laws and regulations, timely revision of relevant laws, administrative regulations, and promote the formation of protection相关的主题文章:

FPI 700 million increase in the blood given to the actual control of parents to subscribe

FPI 700 million increase in the blood given to the actual control of parents to subscribe hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Jiepan listen to expert selection on Tournament Lin shares Niugu / reporter Qi, Doug editor Quan Zeyuan FPI disclosed today set by the plan, the company proposed increase fund-raising 733 million 500 thousand yuan to supplement working capital. Interesting is that this is not the actual control of the company or the majority of the shareholders themselves, but the focus of the two parents of the real control technology. According to the plan set by the FPI intends to Li Kai, Yao Yaotu is not more than 5 specific objects, non-public offering of not more than 30 million shares, to raise funds 733 million 500 thousand yuan, after deducting the cost of issue will be used to supplement working capital. The issue price of non-public offering of shares of 24.45 yuan, the company closed at $29.08 yesterday. Prior to the release, Wang Jian indirectly holds 22.16% stake in the company, Yao Naxin indirectly holds a stake of the company, the cumulative stake in the indirect shareholding of and Yao Naxin was 33.63%, the company’s actual controller for the company. According to the issue of the number of times the upper limit of 30 million shares, after the completion of the non-public offering, Wang Jian and Yao Naxin indirect holding company’s equity ratio changed to 20.78%, 10.76% respectively, Wang Jian and Yao Naxin total stake to 31.54% indirect changes, is still the company’s actual controller. It is worth mentioning that the object of the issue, Li Kaixi Wang Jian’s mother, Yao Yao Tu Yao new father, because Wang Jian and Yao Naxin is the actual control of the company, so this issue constitutes a connected transaction. Spotlight technology, said the fund will be in place to further optimize the company’s capital structure, reduce financial risk, improve the company’s ability to resist risks. This financing provides sufficient capital support for the development of the company, and help to improve the capacity of the follow-up financing company, enhance the company’s development potential, the company will make full use of the favorable conditions of capital strength has increased significantly, increase the introduction of products, technology research and development of high-end talent, continue to strengthen the comprehensive strength, improve the company’s profitability. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: