The Oscar’s absence no doubt for the effect on Dubai’s al Ahli Club Ribeiro is a day of good news to appear in the America’s Cup finals is undoubtedly the best opportunity. At the same time

Oscar because of injury unsuccessful 2015 Copa America squad sad not to compete – Sohu sports recently, Brazil coach Dunga released 2015 Chile Copa America squad. The voice of a very high 23 year old teenager Oscar Chelsea because of injuries were excluded, marvel. Subsequently, Oscar on twitter issued a document: "I am very sad I can not stand on the stage of the American Cup, thanks to all the people who care about me!" At a press conference, the Brazil national team coach Dunga said: "Oscar was injured in the last training of Chelsea, we have a deep return with Mourinho and Chelsea’s doctor, the doctor said Oscar still have a time to fully recover to the state of the game, now let him attend the American Cup is not wise. Better to put the energy on the World Cup qualifier in the upcoming World Cup." The Oscar’s absence no doubt for the effect on Dubai’s al Ahli Club Ribeiro is a day of good news to appear in the America’s Cup finals is undoubtedly the best opportunity. At the same time, Monaco’s Fabienne O, Oporto’s Casey Milo and Santos striker Robinho also relieved, after a long wait, they are in the national team in Dunga. Other members of the general election list are those who have frequently appeared in the world cup, including David Tiago, Silva Lewis and Barcelona star player and captain Neymar. The Selecao had eight station at the summit of the Americas, this time, Dunga will lead star of Brazil to the nine America’s Cup Challenge. America’s Cup sponsor K8.COM entertainment said, from the current competition in the team schedule, the Brazil team and Columbia, Peru, Venezuela and the same points in the C group, the difficulty is not big, Dunga team greater effort should be placed after the group. In June 14th, Brazil will play against Peru at Becker Herman stadium. The Brazil National Team America Cup list of 23 people: goalkeeper: Jefferson (Botta Fuego), Diego Alves (Valencia), Marcello (Gremio): Hector Gros defender David Lewis (Paris Saint Germain), Tiago Silva (Paris Saint Germain), Malki Niosi (Paris Saint Germain), Miranda (Atletico Madrid) Marcello (Real Madrid) Felipe, Lewis (Ma Jing), Danilo (Oporto), Fabienne O (Monaco) midfielder: Gustavo (Wolfsburg), Phil Nandy Neo (Manchester City), Elias (Corinthians), Casey Milo (Oporto), Ewerton Ribeiro (Al A Hurley), Douglas Costa (Donetsk miners), William (Chelsea), Coutinho (Liverpool striker) Neymar: (Barcelona), Tardelli (Shandong Luneng), Robinho (Santos), Firmino (Hoffenheim)


互联网新闻信息服务单位约谈工作规定   来源:中国网信网   第一条 为了进一步推进依法治网,促进互联网新闻信息服务单位依法办网、文明办网,规范互联网新闻信息服务,保护公民、法人和其他组织的合法权益,营造清朗网络空间,根据《互联网信息服务管理办法》、《互联网新闻信息服务管理规定》和《国务院关于授权国家互联网信息办公室负责互联网信息内容管理工作的通知》,制定本规定。   第二条 国家互联网信息办公室、地方互联网信息办公室建立互联网新闻信息服务单位约谈制度。   本规定所称约谈,是指国家互联网信息办公室、地方互联网信息办公室在互联网新闻信息服务单位发生严重违法违规情形时,约见其相关负责人,进行警示谈话、指出问题、责令整改纠正的行政行为。   第三条 地方互联网信息办公室负责对本行政区域内的互联网新闻信息服务单位实施约谈,约谈情况应当及时向国家互联网信息办公室报告。   对存在重大违法情形的互联网新闻信息服务单位,由国家互联网信息办公室单独或联合属地互联网信息办公室实施约谈。   第四条 互联网新闻信息服务单位有下列情形之一的,国家互联网信息办公室、地方互联网信息办公室可对其主要负责人、总编辑等进行约谈:   (一)未及时处理公民、法人和其他组织关于互联网新闻信息服务的投诉、举报情节严重的;   (二)通过采编、发布、转载、删除新闻信息等谋取不正当利益的;   (三)违反互联网用户账号名称注册、使用、管理相关规定情节严重的;   (四)未及时处置违法信息情节严重的;   (五)未及时落实监管措施情节严重的;   (六)内容管理和网络安全制度不健全、不落实的;   (七)网站日常考核中问题突出的;   (八)年检中问题突出的;   (九)其他违反相关法律法规规定需要约谈的情形。   第五条 国家互联网信息办公室、地方互联网信息办公室对互联网新闻信息服务单位实施约谈,应当提前告知约谈事由,并约定时间、地点和参加人员等。   国家互联网信息办公室、地方互联网信息办公室实施约谈时,应当由两名以上执法人员参加,主动出示证件,并记录约谈情况。   第六条 国家互联网信息办公室、地方互联网信息办公室通过约谈,及时指出互联网新闻信息服务单位存在的问题,并提出整改要求。   互联网新闻信息服务单位应当及时落实整改要求,依法提供互联网新闻信息服务。   第七条 国家互联网信息办公室、地方互联网信息办公室应当加强对互联网新闻信息服务单位的监督检查,并对其整改情况进行综合评估,综合评估可以委托第三方开展。   互联网新闻信息服务单位未按要求整改,或经综合评估未达到整改要求的,将依照《互联网信息服务管理办法》、《互联网新闻信息服务管理规定》的有关规定给予警告、罚款、责令停业整顿、吊销许可证等处罚;互联网新闻信息服务单位被多次约谈仍然存在违法行为的,依法从重处罚。   第八条 国家互联网信息办公室、地方互联网信息办公室可将与互联网新闻信息服务单位的约谈情况向社会公开。   约谈情况记入互联网新闻信息服务单位日常考核和年检档案。   第九条 国家互联网信息办公室、地方互联网信息办公室履行约谈职责时,互联网新闻信息服务单位应当予以配合,不得拒绝、阻挠。   第十条 本规定由国家互联网信息办公室负责解释,自2015年6月1日起实施。 (原标题:互联网新闻信息服务单位约谈工作规定) 编辑:SN182

and Thai youth hole Wamai is the one. Coincidence is that his name is also Taiwenli the meaning of the &quot

Column Chirahan: an up and comer endless Mauritius Ying milestone Asian tour, an up and comer & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Beijing time on May 4, in the Asian tour, President of the Chirahan opinion, Asia tour match will be just came in May detonate much excitement. When Asian tour tournament for the first time usher has historical significance of the first Afro Asian Bank Mauritius Golf Open and emerging young talented players who can match on the stage with the bloom of youth light on the Asia tour. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; in March this year, we have the opportunity to witness the Thai prodigy patchara – hole Wamai Phachara Khongwatmaiwho Asian Development Tour (Asia tour match secondary tour) the youngest champion in history. He at the age of 15 and 320 days of age in Malaysia held Rahman Putra championships by four-bar win, breaking the record of Asian Development tour the youngest champion. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; prior to this, hole Wamai early in 2013 Hua Hin open as an amateur identity with the professional tournament of champions was shocked the world high altar. Subsequently, he turned to professional players in August last year, and in January of this year, the Asian tour qualifying school exam broke into the top 40, won the championship of their own this season’s Asian tour entry card. & nbsp; & nbsp; with the rapid development of golf in Asia, the Asia tour match can often be found such as the young talent of precious stones, and Thai youth hole Wamai is the one. Coincidence is that his name is also Taiwenli the meaning of the "diamond", so you can imagine, when he one day in Asia Tour stage into the championship battle or win, the press is bound to be overjoyed. & nbsp; & nbsp; we have in the recent season witnessed the many light players in Asia tour match to shine, and Asian Development tour is certainly an important channel for their first budding, including Malaysia duo Yirui million (Arie irawan), Zhu (Wilson Choo) is at the beginning of this year won the respective Asian development tour, the first crown. 18 year old American teenager Lauren – Mika – letter (Lauren Shin Micah), the Australian player Jack – Stirling (Stirling Jake) and the United States "big stomach king" Moss – Greg (Moss Greg) in Asia, the rise of the tour also makes us feel happy. April is always exciting Golf period, the annual first Grand Slam tournament, the US Masters staged, and Asian tour also ushered in the star studded CIMB Bank Indonesia masters, white tiger Lee – Westwood achieved astonishing treble. 5 months, we will hold much looking forward to the inaugural Afro Asian Bank Mauritius open, it will be Asia Tour European tour, tour, South Africa’s sunshine tour tournament for the first time the joint certification events, no doubt on the development and growth of the globalization of golf is a good thing. Ever since


林浩阳:法国教练真的在中超水土不服?   佩兰务实严谨的作风将中国队带出低谷的同时,也给同胞创造了就业机会,君不见中超赛场上罕有出现两位性格迥异的法国名帅,六轮之后无论是豪气的绿地申花,还是青春牌的绿城均没有打出自身的期望值,本轮长江三角德比,申花恶斗恒大之后,吉洛和特鲁西埃会坐到火山口吗?   自两人履新后我就十分关注两队的动态,准备期申花到西班牙拉练,吉洛带来的赞比亚国脚苏祖在非洲杯直播中经过万千球迷的金睛火眼,确实是中超单兵防守能力最强的中卫之一,吕征,张璐迅速融入球队,曹?定回复当年东亚之勇,而且笔者直播法甲的日子正值吉洛将索肖打造联赛大黑马的时候,他的战术体系需要一个强力中锋做支点,恩里克成功修身是申花的福音,联赛开局的气势体现出冬训高强度的成果,然而职业生涯基本在法国度过的吉洛显然对申花国内球员能力偏弱,雇佣色彩过浓的特点认识不足,一旦主力伤停,踢出来的效果严重打折扣,莫雷诺是一个独特的球员,赛季初我就想有着法国北方人硬朗性格的吉洛可以和这位略感自由散漫的哥伦比亚人相处吗?目前情况来看吉洛是作出一定让步,上场法兰西德比胜利只是让吉洛缓一口气,五月战役过后基本可以下结论绿地申花是冲击亚冠的新生力量还是巴蒂斯塔时代的中游分子。   特鲁西埃是我这几年接触甚多的外教,很奇怪如今我连他来广州比赛去造访的热情也消退,既然老外喜欢直来直往 ,那我也坦率地说理想主义者已经成为功利的保级队主帅,射门次数最少,被射门次数最多,场均控球旅低于50%,当年那支传递出色,进攻华丽的深圳?丝队活在纪念中了,老特很早就带队磨合,但实在看不出这个安逸的俱乐部标榜强大的青训比赛内容如此贫乏,很多沉闷的比赛都和绿城有关,联想到93-94国青球员低劣的演出,占主导的绿城帮在联赛的挣扎十分正常,但我想绿城请老特不正是寄望白巫师点石成金的神奇,比赛中拼的是范晓东,陈柏良这些“老将”和他钦点的突尼斯外援,很多低效的长传出现了,这些我在老特以前的训练时不曾见过,真心不解绿城到底想呈现什么样的风格? 绿城主场已经八个月没尝过胜利滋味,本轮打完领头羊我会更留意老特的言论,他的敢言很受媒体欢迎,但成绩再这样下去,恐怕法国教练在中国联赛赛场玩不转的故事又要延续下去!     (声明:本文仅代表作者观点,不代表新浪网立场。)


德甲-罗伊斯助多特3-2胜 黄黑军狂揽第700胜多特狂揽700胜! 腾讯体育3月22日讯 凌晨,德甲第26轮多特蒙德客场3-2险胜汉诺威96,黄黑军取得近4场首胜,这也是其队史第700场德甲胜利,同时延续了2015年联赛客场不败纪录。上半时,奥巴梅扬和施廷德尔各入1球;下半时比当古染红,香川真司和奥巴梅扬将比分再次超出,终场前施廷德尔梅开二度。比赛焦点多特4场内首胜,延续2015客场不败自鲁尔德比3-0大胜沙尔克04后,黄黑军只在德国杯中2-0赢过低级别球队特雷斯登,近两轮联赛打出两个0-0、欧冠(微博 专题) 1 8决赛次回合0-3负于尤文图斯(官方微博 数据) 。此番黄黑军客胜汉诺威96,是多特近4场首次取胜,同时他们延续2015年联赛客场不败纪录。黄黑军有望晋级欧战鉴于本轮处于欧战区的奥格斯堡输球,赢球后的多特蒙德拉近了欧战区的距离,目前积33分的多特与积分榜第6奥堡只差5分,最快两轮之后他们就能重返欧战区。目前多特与欧冠区末位勒沃库森仍有9分差距,最后8轮甚至有可能杀回前四。黄黑军打破球荒重现恐怖效率,狂揽德甲700胜此役之前的3场比赛,多特2平1负未入1球,本场主帅克洛普对攻击线进行重组,香川真司和库巴先发激活了球队,加上状态一直不错的罗伊斯、奥巴梅扬,黄黑军打出了久违的酣畅。无论两翼下底后传中,还是禁区前的直塞,多特均显出巅峰状态。同时,这也是多特队史拿下的第700个德甲胜场。本场数据精彩回放第19分钟,多特蒙德发动快攻:库巴在右路斜传中路,京多安故意一漏、罗伊斯带球突进,多特11号在禁区前送出妙传,奥巴梅扬从右肋插入禁区卧射球门远角中的。1-0!第31分钟,比当古在前场断球,经队友快速传递后比当古下底横敲门前,施廷德尔包抄射门命中,1-1。第55分钟,比当古放倒凯尔,两黄变一红离场。第57分钟,罗伊斯禁区前斜传门前,香川真司包抄轻松命中。2-1。第61分钟,香川真司左路突破后挑传门前,奥巴梅扬门前抢点头球命中。3-1。第82分钟,清武弘嗣做球,施廷德尔在禁区外大力抽射,皮球飞入球门右上死角。2-3!赛后言论多特体育经理佐尔克说:“我们就是要将进攻型打法进行到底,这么踢没理由不赢。”汉诺威主帅科尔库特说:“虽然输球但我们让球迷看到希望,这样的汉诺威96理应留在德甲。”媒体评论《图片报》:多特蒙德仍有可能进军欧战!连续10轮不胜的汉诺威踢得足够性感,这是他们下半程打的最好的一场。《踢球者》:克洛普必须感谢奥巴梅扬、罗伊斯这两大功臣,是他俩率领球队走向胜利。球员评分《图片报》奥巴梅扬:2分,打入2球,他一直就是黄黑军头号中锋人选。罗伊斯:2分,球队前场润滑剂,有无罗伊斯的多特判若两队。香川真司:2分,恢复了昔日飘逸的穿插和跑位,打出回归后最佳一战。出场阵容汉诺威96(4231):门将:1-齐勒后卫:4-酒井宏树(2-安德烈亚森,85’)、25-马塞洛、20-费利佩、19-舒尔茨(3-阿尔沃诺斯,72’)后腰:28-清武弘嗣、5-萨内中场:21-布里昂(7-普里布,72’)、10-施廷德尔、32-比当古前锋:11-何塞卢多特蒙德(4231):门将:1-魏登费勒后卫:25-索科拉迪斯、4-苏博蒂奇、15-胡梅尔斯、21-基尔希(40-杜德雅克,58’)后腰:5-凯尔、8-京多安(6-斯文-本德,72’)中场:16-布拉什奇科夫斯基、7-香川真司、11-罗伊斯(20-阿德里安-拉莫斯,90’)前锋:17-奥巴梅扬(牛牛)