to prevent such players

Beijing media: Beijing men’s basketball team was a controversial penalty Hodson foul is not blowing – in the new network Marbury (right) to do their best. Morning news reporters Hao Xiaotian photo regretted the rival quasi lore says teammate "will get better" back home, Beijing Shougang Basketball last night in the finals in Game 3 with the Liaoning team launched a fierce battle, in before the whistle 18.8 seconds ahead of 1 case, finally 2.9 seconds is Hudson "quasi vast kill, to 108 to 109 lost 1-0, with a total score 1 to 2 behind. When the team was in trouble, Marbury to come forward, the audience cut 42 points and 8 rebounds. Hudson lore Sun Yue regret didn’t cover to final 30.2 seconds, guoyilun two free throws in, still 2 points behind the Beijing team, the team requested 30 seconds short pause. Back in the game, Marbury to shock the opponent’s basket, the ball into the basket in a foul on an opponent, 18.8 seconds left, his penalty shot, score counter ultra is 108 than 107. Team Liaoning’s last attack, Hudson will time consumed to the left about 5 seconds to accelerate breakthroughs, the Beijing team no foul, the Liaoning team completed over, more than 2.9 seconds. Marbury then the bottom line of quick service soon, Li Gen failed to hold the ball up front, to the thigh after out of bounds, the Beijing team unfortunately lost. The two teams played a fierce confrontation, the difference has not been pulled to the two digit. In the face of such a result, Beijing team in addition to sigh luck does not stand in his way, mainly for their own reasons, "our offense or not played its characteristics, in fact, defensive do better than a lot better, luck is slightly worse, does not defend each other’s last attack, I also have a responsibility." Sun Yue analysis, "the final goal he Guo Shiqiang) must be arranged a hit, my lord plates, other MPR plates, but finally the ball did not cover to." Marbury expressed a need to try harder to Sun Yue also mentioned, domestic players did not give enough aid to support, "let the horse himself a person carrying this team going forward, and defeat tonight’s a reason." Although the whole team in the field of 4 people score, but Marbury one person cut down 42 points. Especially in the last section, the Beijing team to get 31 points, 21 points from the horse. Maradona scored 8 rebounds, the team is also the highest. Themselves to play another eye-catching, the team did not win, Marbury’s mood is still not high. "Hodson hit a key shot and they won the game. We missed some free throws and had some offensive rebounds." The horse even opponents to win the game as quasi lore reasons for them, he is not willing to blame his teammates. "They’ll be fine, and the next one will be ready. We didn’t lose because of this, Hodson’s key shooting is the reason we lost, he is a very good player, to prevent such players, we need to pay more efforts." Liaoning’s top players in the game to get 31 points, 11 rebounds and 12 assists, becoming the first in the finals with three pairs of players. But Marbury position, the team is now backward, but will not lose confidence. "We need to have a good training, analyze the video and see where it is not good,"

for the first time a partner won the championship. Hingis's career has won 11 Grand Slam doubles champion

34 year old Martina Hingis doubles atop invited Roger Federer partner war games [Abstract] won the women’s doubles final, once again return to the 34 year old Swiss champion Martina Hingis and Kournikova of India Mirza partner, 2 to 0 victory over Russia combination Makarova vesnina, for the first time a partner won the championship. The same as the "Swiss made" Martina Hingis (microblogging) and Roger Federer (information) of Guangzhou Daily News (reporter Sun Jiahui) Beijing time yesterday morning. Total prize money is $710 million ATP Indian Wells masters falls next heavy curtain, the men’s singles final staged 3 disc showdown. Finally, the next "big brother" to 6 than 3, 7 to 6 (5) and 6 to 2 victory over Federer, successfully defending. This is his fourth in the tournament to win, this is his career and a half crown, is a master match 21 of the crown. The 24 year old Romanian girl halep battle plate 3 to 2 than 6, 7 than 5, 6 more than the four reversals in 30 years before the world first, Serbian veteran Jankovic in the women’s singles final. Women’s doubles final, again out of the 34 year old Swiss champion Martina Hingis and Kournikova of India Mirza partner, 2 to 0 victory over Russia combination Makarova vesnina, for the first time a partner won the championship. Hingis’s career has won 11 Grand Slam doubles champion, is definitely a doubles player. According to Federer, Hingis recently expressed the hope that with his partner for the next Olympic Games in Rio mixed doubles. Federer said: "can be considered."

very satisfied.&quot

Yuwei 50 km race win not satisfied: strive to World Championship best Shandong contestant Yuwei (in) Beijing Times [microblogging] news (reporter Zhang Xiaomin) yesterday, the national race walking Grand Prix and World Championship qualifying match in Beijing continue. In the men’s 50 km race walking, Shandong Star Yuwei to 3 hours and 46 minutes and 57 seconds to score the first crossed the finish line, from the liberation army of Zhang Lin and Inner Mongolia team Wu Qianlong disaggregated the second, three. "Although there is still a gap with the world’s highest level of athletes, but this time out of their best results, or very satisfied with the. Next, will be fully preparing for, and strive to do the best in the world championships." In order for the world championships in August, Yu Wei in the last year to focus on 50 km. Last year the 50 km Race Walking Championships get champion, he is confident of their own. "Just practice 50 kilometers is indeed very hard, more than 20 kilometers to pay more. After six months of hard training, they are also in progress. This very good to complete the arrangement of the coach, out of their best results, very satisfied." After the end of the Yu Wei admitted. Yu Wei said that after the successful qualifying for the world championships, the next goal is the August World Championships, this despite the best results of their own, but compared with the world’s highest level of players, there is a certain gap. For the next 5 months, I will try to cooperate with the coach’s arrangement, carefully prepared, and strive to do the best in the world championships."

the strength of the team is first magic of the Liaoning team Fankeweizhu. It is worth mentioning that

Guo Shiqiang Wang Jingyu "three tips" breaking from Beijing with a memorable team basketball victory, the young of the Liaoning team in Beijing Men’s basketball team "the devil main floor" Wukesong a points win over, 2-1 against large score and regain control of the initiative in the finals. In this wonderful tug of war, Guo Shiqiang’s "three tips" is the key to win the Liaoning team. The first "tips" is Guo Shiqiang Hodson from the "scoring" into "assists". In the second finals, 41 points off Hodson is the Liaoning team to win the number one hero. However, Guo Shiqiang did not follow that Hudson "go it alone" strategy, but the choice of the enhanced his organization and planning. Conventional MVP in accordance with the plan, the number of his shots from the last 32 times to 22 times, but the Liaoning team’s attack success rate from 38 to 87 in 81 to raise 37. Hudson in the game again and again for He Tianju, Thompson and others send Ginobli, 12 assists to become on the spot assists and a CBA finals in the history of the first triple double (31 points, 11 rebounds, 12 assists). In the lead by Hodson, the Liaoning team’s offense is more full of change, but also to the defense of Beijing added difficulty. Although Hudson’s score decreased 10 points, Team Liaoning’s total score than finals second also increased 1, the strength of the team is first magic of the Liaoning team Fankeweizhu. It is worth mentioning that, Hodson not only to reduce the number of shots, the ball is also significantly weakened. Hodson of the ball and share on the perimeter of the containment gave Guo Ailun more offensive series and holding breakthrough opportunities. Although Guo Ailun’s score is second points less than 1 points, but he was more aggressive and aggressive. Guo Shiqiang’s "second tips" is the speed for the Liaoning team "". In the case of the "Chinese" Han Dejun and no "full of" risk, his appearance time is further compressed. If it is not Li Xiaoxu in the six section of the fourth committed to leave, Han Dejun will be less playing time. Guo Shiqiang more to use the small team, improve the rhythm and speed of attack and defense conversion of the Liaoning team, but also to the Beijing team’s offensive made a lot of trouble. In Liaoning team, the Beijing team in the final section of the last few times in an error, have to rely more on Marbury’s breakthrough score, and the game’s initiative to control the majority of the time in the hands of the Liaoning team. Guo Shiqiang’s "third tips" is an adventure for Hodson "resurrect" opportunity. In the game with 4 minutes left, Guo Shiqiang decisively with Hodson to replace the physical overdraft Thompson. In the most difficult time, the Liaoning team to the Beijing team’s offensive. And that a few minutes valuable respite to Hudson energy re full frame. In this way, it is the 2.9 seconds before his final "winner". Compared with the victory of the day, the greater the Liaoning team is the team’s trust. The final 1 minutes and 11 seconds, Hodson helped Han Dejun manufacturing conduction ball fouled in the basket. In spite of his two free throws, the next attack, Hodson, still did not choose to play singles, but the patience to pass through the organization to allow Guo Ailun to be

Europe's strongest League

The shame of the Champions League again, "daughter" commercial value is still NO.1- in New Network Information Times News 2015 in the Premier League, nothing is a miracle. The Arsenal win out, yesterday morning, the Premier League last one only child in Nokamp City, also wither. Faced with two times in the Champions League knockout in the fight against their own Barcelona, Pellegrini’s team failed to complete the Jedi counterattack. Messi Laquitic scored the only goal for Manchester City, a total score of 1: 3 again missed the Champions League quarter finals. So far, this season in the Champions League four Premiership team annihilated, in addition to Liverpool is outside the group stage was eliminated, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City are all collapsed in the 1 / 8 finals. In the five major European League. The Premier League is this year only one not represented in the quarter finals of the Champions League in the league, this is also known as the world’s first league Premiership, nearly three season second in the last 16 of the Champions League encounter "group of death". Back in the Premier League this season’s UEFA Champions League results can be disastrous to describe, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City just barely into the Champions League 16. Liverpool in the Champions League group stage was eliminated after deign to play Champions League Cup, still could not escape the fate of early exit, in two cup after another out, called shame shame. No one can think of the past, Europe’s strongest League, now only by Everton in the Europa League Cup held outside the war banner. Only a short while ago, the Premier League or the Champions League the most formidable opponent. From 2006 to 2007, 2008 and 2008 2009 season, three years, were in the Champions League final four three Premier League, 2008, Moscow on a cold night in the rain, Manchester United in a penalty shootout beat Chelsea to clinch the UEFA Champions League trophy, since then, the Premier League boom bust. Although since then, Manchester United in 2011 again to enter the finals, Chelsea’s 2012 successful counter attack such a soul stirring plot, but that year by Sir Alex Ferguson and Mourinho and Benitez to join hands to build a European bridgehead already disintegrates, of the Premier League’s downfall trend is irreversible. As Manchester United legend Scholes said that, "we may have the world’s most exciting league, but the strength of the top team in the league has been unable and Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Saint Germain compared", belonging to the golden age of the England team has gone for ever. Sheng Wen commercial value is still No.1 although in Europe continued to slump, in the UEFA rankings, La Liga and the Bundesliga has been beyond the Premiership, however, on the influence and commercial value, Premier League is still worthy of the first in the World League. In the era of the supremacy of the Jin and Yuan Dynasties, became the richest man in the side of the English Premier League club in the input to let other league club heart envy. 2014 Summer transfer window, the premier ho throw 8.57 billion pounds, once again reelected at the top of the Serie A burn, than ranked second in La Liga higher double superabundant. Don’t say, Lord of Mann, hutch, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and spenders, even Sunderland, Hull City, Southampton, in the middle and lower reaches of the team in the hiring of generosity, but also enough to make Milan planes of abjection wealthy humbled. In the DDT Sheng