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Paris fashion week blockbuster hits   L’OREAL beauty led the fashion – Fashion – Paris fashion week 2017 will be held from September 28th to October 5th, Paris L’OREAL as the official sponsor, will participate in the process of creative design and design, in the field of fashion and digital blowing a beauty trend of whirlwind, to lead a new way of beauty! Fashion beauty, breakthrough and innovation never stop to "Paris makeup designer" for the brand positioning of Paris L’OREAL cosmetics, not only provides a chance to live their dreams have make-up talent enthusiasts, has been in the original power and promote the development of Paris young designers. Therefore, Paris L’OREAL in 2016 officially joined the French high fashion guild and its affiliated senior clothing and Fashion Designers Association, association, continue to cooperate with the original designer brands, expects to open a new view of creation. Cyril, President of L’OREAL in Paris, Chapuy said, "our brand as an excellent brand from France, the United States, one of the most representative of the event, is a very exciting thing. For Paris L’OREAL, the United States has always been synonymous with avant-garde, originality and creativity. We are very pleased to be able to further strengthen cooperation with the world’s top fashion week, dedicated to the support and training of Paris fashion week young designers here, beauty and fashion collide and spark unlimited inspiration, set off a new round of fashion craze." Inspiration, provide support for L’OREAL makeup Paris Paris fashion week 15 fashion designers show makeup provide support for the 15 big show, including Wanda Nylon, Off White, Carven, John Galliano, Olympia Le, Tan Yazbukey, Masha Ma, Giambattista Valli and Vanessa Seward etc.. Paris L’OREAL through the hair and makeup perfectly show the designer’s design concept, do makeup styling and fashion style pavilions, make it shine, icing on the cake. Most see the show, presents a full range of fashion charm makeup of Paris L’OREAL will lead the history of the strongest at Fashion Week show group in Paris, including the L’OREAL star dream team, top supermodel and fashion Master, with the most professional advanced perspective to explore the full range of Paris fashion week, real-time sharing show highlights the essence, and the background of large secret dialogue Paris L’OREAL professional make-up designer fashion, beauty and epidemic analysis of 2017 trends. The new generation idol Zhang Tianai will be the first in Paris L’OREAL spokesman debut Paris fashion week, the vitality of the young, charismatic in her fashion outfit also accomplished greatly, has a unique style of their own ideas and, believe this debut will bring you the same amazing feeling. In addition, the holographic technology Paris L’OREAL will use cutting-edge, through the 3D stereo imaging technology 360° all show makeup remodeling. A cooperative gorgeous gold makeup shine Paris romantic night to celebrate L’OREAL Paris and Paris fashion week, Pakistan)相关的主题文章: