Paul shell after survival scale is my private yezimei

Paul shell after survival scale is We want you my private! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Paul shell after survival scale is not disturbing private private equity is enjoying a golden age. According to the latest data released by the China Securities Investment Fund Industry Association, eleven before the overall size of the private sector has reached $8 trillion and 570 billion. On the market, even if it is a bleak September, the private equity industry is still a single suction gold 500 billion, more than 10 billion private clubs and more than 10 members, which is not affected by the momentum of development. Autumn is getting stronger, even the Shanghai day to rainy, as Si Yu (a pseudonym) the mood at the moment. Despite the success of this year, Paul shell, but in the case of limited manpower, the development of a private equity fund, really not easy. When it comes to the first half of this year in order to "shell" to go hard, Siyu realized that, compared with the current situation, the "shell" really can only be called "niudao". At that time, the market is divided, there are brokers said to 8 million, and finally we invested in the account of the 2 million, put the shell Paul down." Si Yu told the international finance news reporter, although initially in order to protect the shell spent a lot of time and effort, but the financial expenditure is not large. "At that time, I myself in our account hit 2 million, so that the amount of management reached the lower limit, meet the requirements. At this stage, it’s not up to me to make money". Met with reporters on the same day, Secretary Yu has received two brokers to tune the visit. "We have to do the management scale now, two or three years later, if you can not do billion scale, it is easy to be eliminated by the market." Division Yu currently manages 5 private equity products, of which only 1 in the consignment platform are listed in order to recommend, the performance of long-term ranking of less than 10%, can be regarded as the Secretary of the company’s star fund products". The first attack brokerage channels in order to meet the staff to do the tune, Secretary Yu ready for a long time. A private equity fund due diligence report at least 17 pages, plus a thick stack of bank details on the bill, and some other information, with several folders. "We have also taken some detours, although we know to go brokerage channels, but has not been able to find a direct charge of the introduction of the Department in charge of the product, in the process of wasting a lot of time. If you can be introduced into the broker to help us sell, for us to do large-scale is very helpful." Si Yu told reporters that due to private equity funds can not be publicized, how to do large-scale problems he has been thinking. Open the tune of the report, in addition to the company, in addition to the details of the investment decision-making and risk control information, as well as the introduction of product systems and performance, etc.. However, in order to achieve a clear report on the company’s current management of the assets of 30 million yuan, the development of the program within the next 5 to 1 billion 500 million years to reach -20 billion asset management scale water theory相关的主题文章: