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People’s Daily: bride price into a major stumbling block to farmers well on the road has become a major stumbling block to bride price farmers well on the road. No hard work, no proficiency in a particular line, more than the bride price, can only be out recently, Shandong home telephone said: "my cousin and your sister-in-law and went to work in town." The 60 year old cousin, do bricklayer, body can handle? Later learned that the two sons have married, so that this has been a well-off life cousin, and owed a debt ass. My cousin is very capable, popularity, and craft, the village who asked him to build a house, go out a few years of work, soon became the villagers get rich people. With money, in addition to his cousin to build a new house, and returned to his son a man built a suite. Unexpectedly, a few years ago when my son got married, her family did not look on the village houses, required to buy a set of two rooms in the county, more than ten million to buy a car, plus 3 pounds 3 two hundred yuan (one hundred thousand yuan). In order to get the son daughter-in-law, my teeth, one by one to meet the woman’s condition. The near front to second marriage, the bride price more. "I can’t lose my penis!" My cousin sold live in their own house, moved back home, spent all their savings, but also owed a debt buttocks borrow all around. Happily yingwan pro, to pay off the debts and take out to earn money to go. Such a thing is not a case in the countryside. At the beginning of this year, the reporter found that bride price is more common in rural areas. Heilongjiang city of Helen, the local bride price 250 thousand to 300 thousand yuan; some rural southwest, pay attention to "a riot of colour green": 10 thousand 5 yuan banknotes, 1000 hundred dollar bills, 50 yuan of money to look at, the bride price 150 thousand yuan; the popular "Hebei County wide 12345": a courtyard, two storey building, one hundred yuan note three pounds, four wheel car, the man’s parents do not exceed fifty, more than fifty plus money…… The bride is a traditional folk custom, is the witness of the feelings of both sides. Now the rural bride price compare with each other, the more higher, resulting in many rural families miserable, even some family debt, because of marriage of poverty. These years, rural married bride price increase has been increased. There are comparisons with each other, factors, the other 80 thousand yuan, my married women at least 100 thousand yuan; more is the old concept, many people think that the daughter married "thrown out of the water, kept for 20 years, is a small part of bride price return; more farmers to his daughter as a" shake Qian Shu "and" construction bank". As for the marriage of man in debt, daughter married in the past well, be careless with it. Rural wedding bride high has become a major stumbling block on the road of comprehensive well-off farmers. There is no small three yuan four hundred thousand daughter-in-law can not enter the house, which for the majority of farmers families, is undoubtedly a heavy burden. Spread of bride price, the challenge of public order and good morals, deterioration of the rural society, intensification of family conflicts, affect rural stability. Bride price seems to be voluntary, but helpless. In this regard, the grass-roots government should take the effort to find a way to solve the problem. The vast majority of farmers are very simple, but like to face. Rural married women seem to love at the bride, but more is to follow suit competition. To do more publicity and education, publicity some simple marriage marriage happy body.相关的主题文章: