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People’s Daily: poverty cannot remain "dead" – Beijing, at present, some areas of poor households in helping poor village in non poverty counties, and problems of insufficient investment, the responsibility is not in place, if not solved as soon as possible, may affect the overall goal of poverty alleviation achieved an interview not long ago, a poor people complain: poor village adjacent to resettle, household subsidies several million poor households from the hillside to the Pingba village farmers, living on the new premises facilities. And the poor village where they are, poor families can not enjoy this good policy, live in the mountains all year round, want to move but can not move down. "The level of poverty supporting policy of heaven and earth be roughly the same, why?" The phenomenon of the poor people in many places exist. Since the start of a new round of poverty alleviation campaign, all over the poverty-stricken counties, poverty alleviation work in the village are very seriously, work force and capital projects are focused on where. At the same time, some areas of non poor counties, non poor households in the poor concern is not enough, the relative lack of investment. For example, in many places, the government stationed residency work team to each of the poor villages, to improve the infrastructure, industry support funds, much of a village can be more than 10 million yuan, and some other non poor villages, poor households are many, but no such support. This has certain rationality favour one more than another. Many areas of poverty, a wide range of depth, and funding, projects, human resources, such as poverty is relatively limited, can not be fully covered, poverty alleviation work can only focus on advancing. With the increasing of poverty alleviation efforts, many impoverished village development conditions are getting better and better, by contrast, is the starting point where some of the non impoverished village, the development condition has been improved, objectively delay here poor households out of poverty hat process. Poverty stricken counties in poverty stricken villages and poor households are "marginalized" and need to attach great importance to poverty alleviation. At present, 41% of the poor population in the poor village, the poor population of the poor in the distribution of poverty in. From 2020 to achieve the goal of a comprehensive poverty reduction of only 4 years, out of poverty or a person, if not as soon as possible to solve the problem of poverty alleviation of this part of the poor, it may affect the realization of this goal on schedule. How to let the poor county, the poor village of poor households do not become out of poverty "dead"? Pay attention to overall planning. For these areas of poverty alleviation work, it is necessary to plan as soon as possible, as soon as possible, with the conditions necessary to work with poor counties, poverty alleviation work arrangements for the village, and promote. First focus on the elimination of poverty in poverty stricken counties, poor rural areas, but also can not let the poor people in the non key areas to be ignored. Otherwise, they want to get rid of poverty in 2020 is likely to be not enough time, or the effect of poverty is difficult to consolidate. Precise helping afterburner. In some places on the poor village poverty alleviation work not enough attention and investment in non poverty counties, one important reason is that many leading cadres think there is relatively good condition, relying on local development, many poor households can get rid of poverty. It seems reasonable, but in reality it is not. A major feature of poor households相关的主题文章: