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People’s Daily: "Beijing women’s volleyball team spirit just can treat paralysis" – Beijing, this session of the Olympic Games in Rio, the most people’s attention, I’m afraid it’s non Chinese. How popular is the Chinese women’s volleyball team? Take a look at the airport to greet the crowd of women’s volleyball team to know: thousands of people to greet the team, including from 50 to 90 after the fans of all ages, and some even came from all over the country. Such a wide range of powder absorbing ability, I am afraid that China’s current any star can not match. After a lapse of 12 years, Chinese women cut his way through the third boarded Olympic champion, once again inspired the Chinese people, but also to the women’s volleyball team spirit "with the growth of a generation term, whistling in the ears again. In the women’s volleyball team spirit to refresh the WeChat circle of friends, a young friend lamented: encouraging for a long time did not like this much spirit, have a welcome rain after a long drought feeling. The spirit of the women’s volleyball team, just can cure my Beijing paralysis"! What is the spirit of the women’s volleyball team? The online section of the women’s volleyball team spirit interpretation widespread: Women’s volleyball team spirit is not to win the championship, but sometimes that won’t win, are trying to walk along the way; you are staggered, but stand up and shake off the dust, still a firm attitude. Indeed, compared with China’s table tennis team has been dominating the world team, the Chinese women’s volleyball team has never been a dominant position, almost every time to win, by hard work to complete. In the most difficult moment, showing the most tenacious spirit, perseverance, know it can not be, and this may be the essence of the spirit of the women’s volleyball team. For the young people of today, this kind of spiritual motivation may be a timely rain. Often people complain too ideal fullness, the reality is too skinny, now young people living pressure is too big, life is too hard, often feel the body is hollowed out, and their struggle, not lying on the sofa comfortably enjoy "Beijing paralysis". And the new era of women’s volleyball team spirit, tell us exactly such an attitude towards life: anterior may not matter or low Everything is going smoothly., crossroads, the success of geometry, important is the attitude of hard work, even in the face of setbacks and sufferings, after falling down and patted the dust still continues to struggle of courage. We may wish to look farther: the moment Chinese, reform is ongoing, whether it is to deepen reform, or the rule of law, anti-corruption and always on the road, have the ship to the stream, riding a boat behind. These long-term reforms, the need for support and participation of young people, even in the future took over the baton reform. The future of reform may be more difficult than we face setbacks and puzzles more difficult times, but also we need to do a good job in the most difficult times, come up with the most tenacious preparation. At present, the spirit of women as a sobering, let people have a collective spirit, but also to give young people a reminder: for individuals, fight or have, if become a winner in life? For a nation and the country, the fighting spirit is indispensable, it determines what we want a future.相关的主题文章: