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Peter Chan Youth Film: abortion accident no problem can also shoot the Movie Salon: Peter Chan, Di’an chat "in July and still" Tencent entertainment news (Wen Tiemei and Wang Dong Sui photography camera) according to baby Anne’s Novels "since July and still" adaptation of the movie theaters in September 4th, by virtue of the girl tangled friendship delicate painted mouth overflowing. Was praised as "youth movie" the best in recent years to see, in a row of film negative but attendance is the first case, the box office has been gradually rising trend, approaching one hundred million mark. Especially when we found that the film turned out to be a boy, even a black mark his forehead: why can the female male director story looks so real? In September 22nd, film producer Peter Chan, Xu Yuezhen, director Derek Tsang guest Tencent Movie Salon, and writer, Di’an Meng Jing media people together and chat, how to shoot a movie can really reflect the girls thought the movie. The two years of youth always abortion, the idea that the accident stems, Peter Chan said "adaptation" in July and she also try to avoid, but still did not escape, but he thinks abortion, will encounter problems in life is indeed an accident, take 100 is not a problem, or can take, it how to deal with people watching movies. "In July and she" film producer Peter Chan, Xu Yuezhen, Derek Tsang, director of the media, Di’an writer Jing Meng guest Tencent Movie Salon interpretation finale: decided from the beginning of July should die "in July and she" has been released, sensitive and careful between the most commendable is the girls thought, two girls in whether it is niwai, or quarrel, let the audience feel empathy for women. For this we are very curious, "producer Peter Chan to disassociate themselves. He said that we think that the film is very much like their own shot, in fact, sometimes they feel very like, but they certainly can not shoot out. Take his own director of the "sweet honey" (Maggie Cheung version of the Sun Li version), in fact, from the perspective of the male to see his heart obsessed with women, so we will not think that is a small three, but the goddess of the goddess, the goddess of the. Director Peter Chan guest Tencent Movie Salon when thrown to the director Derek Tsang, he admitted that he had not thought so much at first, Peter Chan recommend this program to him, he was the first to see the novel. He was very envious of July and quiet, because they had not such an understanding of their own, honest man bestie. But he admits that he grew up in a woman’s heap, that the relationship between women is very complex, very troublesome. But the complexity is also very attractive to him, and later has been watching a lot of women dominated the book, has been trying to make such a film. When he started shooting, also did not want to go to the woman’s point of view, but from the outset into the relationship between the two girls. He also thanked the four female writers in the whole process, they put a lot of opinions, but only 21 of the original page, there are a lot of blank, just gave the team a lot of creative space. "In July and she" director Derek Tsang for the film version of how to change the original ending, let the girl died in July, Derek Tsang said, the four writers, some people had some character.相关的主题文章: