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Philippine President when U.S. officials face anpi name Chinese help friends drug map: Philippines street and down drug police suspect. (map) original title: Duthel Te’s friend came to Chinese philanthropist Juan Jianfei rehabilitation center will start Philippines’s health minister Bao Lin · Ukraine Veyer 12 announced that a large merchant donated by Chinese rehabilitation center will be launched next month. "If you are friends, help Philippines to build a drug rehabilitation center." On the same day in commemoration of the 115 anniversary of the establishment of the Philippine Coast Guard activities, Philippine President Duthel Te published a large China by waving the detoxification center of newspaper reports said. Philippines GMA News Network said, sitting under the U.S. Coast Guard officials. According to Philippines, "Manila bulletin" reported on 13, the Saisaibao MEG barracks rehabilitation center built in Manila Province in the north of Nueva Ecija, covers an area of 75 thousand hectares. Uwe Jarl said that the rehabilitation center was donated by the Philippines China philanthropist Huang, including 10 thousand beds. Huang has no business in Philippines, all business in china. He and Duthel Te met 3 times, and was invited to attend the inauguration ceremony. The "Philippines daily" said Ukraine Veyer signed in September to the large donation contract Chinese rehabilitation center. According to her, all the materials used for the construction of the facilities are imported from China, filled with 75 containers. Currently, there are 5 local drug rehabilitation centers in Philippines. The British Reuters quoted Ukraine Veyer, the government plans to build a nationwide 4 large centers, many patrons including Chinese, express the intent of donation.相关的主题文章: