Pla. Antares Scam Alerts – The Best Way To Avoid Mortgage

Business Planet Antares scam alerts have surely .e as a boon to detect mortgage fraud and how to avoid these scams. With the downturn of the economy and rising unemployment figures, it is more and more difficult for homeowners to honor their monthly mortgage repayments resulting in increasing number of potential foreclosures. Such difficult situations for homeowners are fertile breeding grounds for mortgage relief scammers, who target homeowners facing foreclosures. It is therefore quite essential for them to be alert and be prepared to tackle any enticements given by scammers. This can best be done by going through different websites on the Internet, such as the website of Planet Antares scam alerts. This website offers Planet Antares scam advice relating to different types of mortgage fraud and how to avoid these scams. How To Avoid Mortgage Scams Here are the following tips that would help you detect mortgage fraud and how to avoid mortgage scams. 1)Avoid Paying Up-front Fee: If you are facing financial problems and are unable to make your mortgage payments, Planet Antares scam alerts will advise you to be very careful of people who might approach you and offer to help you by working with your mortgage holder and arranging to have your mortgage modified to ease your financial burden. These scammers will ask you for an up-front fee to provide this mortgage relief. If you give in to the temptation of having your mortgage modified so easily and pay the up-front fee, the scammer will simply vanish after taking the money. You would be left high and dry with your already low finances poorer by the amount of the fee and your mortgage problem still looming large over your head. Paying up-front fees for such services is also an offence under state and federal laws. It is better to contact the mortgager for mortgage relief. 2)Avoid Relinquishing Title to Your Home: Planet Antares scam alerts will also warn you to stay away from scammers who might ask you to relinquish your title to your house without discharging the mortgage as a way of getting out of your mortgage problem. If you do that, you will be left without your home, and the burden of mortgage payments will still be on your head. The advice of Planet Antares scam alerts will enlighten you that if you sign a deed transferring your property to someone else, you will not be absolved of your mortgage payment responsibility. 3)Avoid Paying Mortgage through Third Party: Planet Antares scam alerts will warn you regarding handing over your mortgage payments to a third party, who might promise to help you in paying that amount on your behalf. If you do so, the scammer will disappear with your payment, and your mortgage liability will linger on. 4)Check with State’s Attorney General: If you are in a desperate situation, you might be enticed to work with a third party to get mortgage relief. If you agree to do so, you must first check the party’s standing regarding mortgage relief services with your state’s attorney general. You can also check if the party is a non-profit .pany, if it claims to be one. You should also ask for the party’s IRS determination letter containing its Federal Employer Identification Number. If the party is not able to produce the same, you should move away immediately. There are many scammers everywhere and they are on the lookout for gullible victims. You need to protect your hard earned money at all costs and keep out of trouble by following the Pla. Antares scam alerts. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: