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Pregnant women how to deal with the sensitive smell during pregnancy – the mother and daughter of Sohu, how to deal with the sense of smell sensitive during pregnancy, olfactory sensitivity of the reasons for this is because of the reasons for the improvement of pregnancy hormones. The increased levels of estrogen and gonadotropins in your body change the way your body senses the odor, so it makes you very sensitive, prone to nausea and vomiting. Good food intake, because your sense of smell too sensitive, as long as it is a little bit of bad smell, or fishy smell, may cause your morning sickness, so you can pick up some smell smell of food to eat. Many women have morning sickness experience. The indoor air circulation, if there is the smell of food will make you uncomfortable when cooking, remember to open the window and let the fresh air circulation, it can make you more comfortable, not sick. Good cleaning habits, often wash your clothes, and keep the house clean, so that you can avoid any items may make you uncomfortable smell, a smell, causing you discomfort and vomiting. Choose a good smell is not all bad smell, bad smell will make you uncomfortable, good smell can make you comfortable. So find out what you like, like lemon, mint, ginger, etc.. And wait for the past, the last thing you can do is wait and wait for your hormones to calm down. Once your hormones are steady, your sense of smell will return to normal, not so sensitive, and make you sick. Two, pregnancy should avoid the smell of cigarette smoke, away from many pregnant women in pregnancy are disgusted with the smell of smoke, secondhand smoke may cause premature, therefore, if there are people smoking in your home, this is a good chance for them to quit. It is hard to avoid cooking food that has a peculiar smell, such as fish, eggs, and beans. These are common causes of food to avoid morning sickness, so avoid. From there, foul odor is make people uncomfortable, and make you sick, no matter whether you are pregnant. Therefore, stay away from those smelly places, like trash. The smell of washing powder doesn’t look like the thing that makes you sick, but it does make you run. You can’t choose not to wash your clothes, but you can choose the washing powder without fragrance.相关的主题文章: