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Womens-Issues Making sure her growing baby is getting the best possible healthy growing conditions, is of supreme importance for any pregnant woman. At the top of the list is your diet. Nutrition is the most important controllable aspect in developing a successful pregnancy. Because of this it is very important that expectant mothers are .pletely in tune proper nutritional levels in their body. Remember you have another body that you are feeding! For mommies to be, the quantity of supplementary calories needed to be taken in might just surprise you. Believe it or not, the daily re.mended additional calorie intake for pregnant women is only around 300. Clearly, that’s some added calories, but it certainly isn’t the several hundred that many pregnant women think that they should be taking in each day. 300 hundred doesn’t sound like much but it is actually about an extra meal a day for a full grown adult? The fact of the matter is that there’s a lot more than just those 300 calories that can ac.modate you with weight gain, which is not re.mended for the mother to be or baby. An extra tuna fish sandwich or bagel with low-fat cream cheese can do the trick. Steer clear of the impulse to indulge cravings, as hard as it may be. Don’t give in to the myth that a pregnant woman needs a boatload of extra calories every dayjust 300 will do the trick. Just because you’re expecting does mean does mean you’ll need to take in some extra calories. Protein is one of the nutrients that you should up your intake of while you are pregnant. Generally speaking you’ll want to take in about 10 grams per day more than that of a non-pregnant woman or about 60 grams. Lean meats, chicken and fish are good choices or protein. The important factor to consider is to understand what type of serving size produces the amount of protein (or any other nutrient) that you actually need. For example with protein it only takes about an ounce and a half to get 10 grams of protein. Calcium is another essential element during a pregnancy. Today’s, women who are not even pregnant generally fall short of the re.mended daily amount of calcium intake so increasing your calcium is generally a good idea to begin with. Dairy products are a primary source of calcium you get in your diet. The use of non fat sources of calcium in your diet, this will help keep your calorie intake under control as well. For example green leafy vegetables are for you to get some extra calcium for both you and your unborn child. Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium, so a daily supplement can be a good idea. As the blood volume rises with the advance of pregnancy, additional iron is required. The daily re.mended amount of iron doubles for expectant mothers from 15 mg/day to 30 mg/day. Make sure you get your iron supplement because iron is very important! Your healthcare provider will monitor lab work to see if you need to take an iron supplement. A good source of iron is red meat, but forget about fish and poultry as well. On the market today, there are also quite a few iron enriched cereals that also help to supplement your iron intake. .pletely vegetarian lifestyles are able to provide all your required nutrients; the key is finding them in the correct form. Vegetarians generally must keep a closer watch on their nutrient levels. However, for the most part this is a regular task for those who adhere to a vegetarian lifestyle. If you are pregnant and a vegetarian just be certain to work closely with your doctor during the course of the pregnancy to ensure you are getting all the required nutrient supplements you and your baby need. Naturally, any expectant woman should consult her physician early on about dietary changes because each pregnancy is somewhat to .pletely different. It is also just as essential to work with your physician before you be.e pregnant to make certain that you are healthy and getting the proper nutrients in order to have the healthiest beginning you can for a pregnancy. Work with your physician in order to provide the best care you possible can for not only yourself but for your growing child as well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: