President of Philippines, a curse on the stock market

The president of Philippines, a call the stock market billions of dollars evaporate U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes President Duthel Te of Philippines warrants. Photograph: Duthel Te, President of Philippines, China’s president, recently abused the influence of President Barack Obama and continued to ferment, and even spread to the financial markets. According to Bloomberg, for a sudden outbreak of Walter’s remarks, as investors speculated that the impact or will exceed the scope of politics. Foreign investors continue to withdraw, lead to accelerate the decline in Asia’s highest valuation of the Philippines stock market. Philippines stock market capitalization of more than $260 billion. The PSE index of the country’s benchmark composite stock price fell 1.3% on Wednesday to 7619.10 points, the biggest decline in five weeks, which made billions of dollars in market value evaporated. PSE index in 21 July hit a 15 month high, but after the index fell 6%, the cumulative increase this year has shrunk to 9.6%. As of Friday, Beijing 10:00 on, the index fell 0.17% compared with the previous trading day, to. On Wednesday, foreign funds for the Philippines local shares pumping capital of $58 million, nearly a year to the maximum amount of withdrawals. As of Wednesday, the Philippines stock market suffered 11 consecutive days of net outflow of funds, the total size of $333 million. The index fell 2.3% in the quarter, the only major Asian stock market fell. Rizal Commercial Bank (Rizal Commercial Banking Group) in Manila, a portfolio manager Rafael Palma Gil (Rafael Palma Gil) that, if Walter scold Obama criticized Philippines’s anti drug operations is the "son of a bitch", and then two people will cancel the overseas investors are not. Philippines is one of the fastest growing economies in Asia, so it was once the most popular market for investors. The first two quarters of this year, Philippines’s economy grew by more than the same period last year, respectively, and 7% and 6%. At present, the PSE composite stock index is based on 12 months of earnings forecast earnings ratio of 18.3. Although this is less than 19.6 in July, it is still the highest level in asia. Compared with the MSCI Asia Pacific Index Ming Sheng, Philippines’s benchmark index 32% higher valuation Palma Gil said, "in addition to sedition and anti drug war, investors love Duthel Te’s economic and fiscal policy, or at least that is currently implemented." He expects Philippines’s benchmark index to return to 8000. However, the Bank of Philippines (BDO Unibank) chief financial market analyst Jonathan Ravel (Jonathan Ravels) said, "Philippines is the latest event to further deepen the concerns of the outside world, President Duthel Te’s political behavior cannot be predicted with interference, may eventually affect the development of economy and commerce." Ravel said that the Philippines stock market has been very vulnerable to U.S. interest rates, high valuation and the sea 1相关的主题文章: