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President of Philippines: the U.S. special forces in the Philippines must leave Sohu President Duthel Te of Philippines news show a document that attacked the United States in one hundred years ago the atrocities of phenanthrene on Jolo island residents. Figure CFP Duthel Te on the grounds that Americans may be anti-government armed attacks and kidnapping according to Xinhua news agency, Philippines’s president Rodrigo? 12 Duthel Te called on the U.S. special forces soldiers to withdraw from southern Philippines, "help", lest being anti-government armed at Abu Shaev. In addition, he also specifically clarified that last week with Obama Lao will was blowing, because he is not Obama, but not by the other party refused to see. In this regard, the U.S. State Department, 12, said the report was informed, but did not receive the formal requirements of the government of Philippines. "They are" Duthel Te said in a new government official inauguration remarks, said Absar Jef armed, U.S. special forces to assist in the training of the Philippine Army soldiers in the southern Philippines is "a valuable target of kidnapping". Absar Jef claimed allegiance to the extremist organization Islamic state, founded in the last century at the beginning of 90s, mainly in the southern Philippines, involved in the production of a series of attacks and kidnapping for ransom, well-known. "These special forces soldiers have to leave," Duthel Te said. "I don’t want to be in conflict with the United States, but they have to go. They (Absar Jef) will really kill them (Americans), they will be kidnapped for ransom." Duthel Te’s hometown of Davao City, a street market on the evening of 2 suffered bomb attacks, killing at least 14 people were killed. The explosion behind Absar Jef was confirmed to be armed. Duthel Te then declared Philippines into a state of emergency". Continue to reduce the number of 2002, the Philippine Department of the southern United States to send soldiers to help train Difei when government forces, and provide consultation, to combat armed Absar Jef. The number of U.S. military personnel deployed in the southern city of Zamboanga, Jolo and Basilan was up to 1200 people, the location is an important stronghold of Absar Jef armed. Since 2002, a number of U.S. special forces soldiers were killed in the southern philippines. In 2015, the South American to send military advisers to the project is suspended, but there are still a few special forces soldiers to stay engaged in logistical and technical support work. In March this year, Philippines and the United States reached an agreement to allow the United States to rotate in the form of the use of 5 troops stationed in different locations at different locations. To strengthen Philippine US military cooperation, there has been a lot of opposition in the Philippine domestic, has triggered public protest, was criticized as "wolf". The above agreement, Walter has not appeared on the stage, it is unclear whether he led the Philippines government on military cooperation between the two countries’ knife". The United States has a number of military bases in Philippines and a large number of troops. Due to the Philippine domestic protests, the U.S. military in 1992 to close the last military base, the withdrawal of Philippines. In 1998, the United States signed the "visiting Forces Agreement", to "visit" the name of the U.S. to achieve military presence in the long term in the philippines. April 28, 2014, the United states.相关的主题文章: