Promote the social capital by government affairs publicity clazziquai

To open up the government to promote social capital, government affairs is the government must perform the duties according to law, all levels of government must always tighten the government open the root of the string." October 31st, Li Keqiang at the executive meeting of the State Council, once again make demands on government affairs. The meeting proposed that the country will select 100 counties to carry out standardization of government affairs standardization pilot. Open government, has done for many years, in many areas has also achieved good results. To open as the norm, not open as an exception, can be said to be a consensus. Starting from the "SARS" in 2003, opening from "Enlightenment" to "deepening"". From the government information disclosure regulations, to the spokesperson system, to the chief of micro-blog, WeChat blossom everywhere, many of our common progress now comes from the public philosophy, constantly upgrade and promote. Needless to say, public affairs is still in the "catch up" situation. Convenient access to information and the general concept of enlightenment, forcing the pace of government affairs. Public opinion on rights, but also with the advance of the times and increasingly prominent. In May this year, some parents in Jiangsu, Hubei and other provinces, because APCU and intense reaction, largely because of the lack of openness in policy. The discussion of similar network about car reform, because the interests of different groups involved in coordination, how to open should also be a fundamental issue. It is in this case, we need to open up the social capital". This is a concept derived from sociology, which refers to the norms of mutual recognition and observance of social interests. The American scholar Putnam found in the study area of North Central Italy, a strong atmosphere of trust and cooperation, to coordinate the actions of people, improve the return on investment, so as to promote the development of. In view of this, open government can also enhance the sense of trust and participation at the same time, enhance our social capital, so that our economy and politics forward. Transparency, transparency, transparency and trust can be increased. As Li Keqiang said, open and transparent is to give the market a clear signal to the community a stable social and economic development is expected. The introduction of some decisions, once the market is not enough communication, it may disrupt the market expectations. In the stock market, the property market, this lesson is not much. From the micro level, in the field of land planning, demolition resettlement, poverty alleviation, employment, social security and other areas, the public is a basic prerequisite for trust. Only open, in order to get public support and cooperation, so that the policy better landing. On the other hand, openness is also a form of participation. Public, the public can better monitor. In the face of a list of powers, who can see what you can do, can not do. If there is a decision from the implementation of the whole chain to the effect of the public, the public can also in this process, fully, effectively and orderly expression of demands, so that the healthy operation of the political track. Tocqueville said that if a person can participate in the discussion decided to build a way to his home, without explanation he can find the close relationship between individuals and society. The idea needs to be nurtured, the ability to be trained, and the open is a good start. The pilot,.相关的主题文章: