Ps4 slim PS4 announced a pre order price than the original price is high, game

PS4  Slim: PS4 announced a pre order price than the original price is high, game original title: PS4 Slim announced: PS4 pre order price than the original price high according to foreign media reports, PS4 Slim has been confirmed from many sources, and whether it is real map or video out of the box has been leaked, but the official SONY this thin version of the model is still not released. Recently, a British retailer released PS4 Slim sales page, the price of 380 pounds, or about RMB 3346 yuan. After deducting the discount price of 304 pounds, still higher than the current PS4 price. PS4 Slim announced: pre order price than the original PS4 high price (pictures from CNET) in accordance with the normal thin version of the machine price, PS4 Slim price should be cheaper than the original PS4. 500GB version of the PS4 host currently on the Amazon price has dropped to 260 pounds, which is significantly lower than the price of a lot of PS4 Slim. Insiders also believe that this part of the price is likely to come out of the new DS4 handle. In the new version of the DS4 handle on the touchpad, there has been a new breathing lights, there are many people think that this is designed to fit PS VR. Media quoted sources said that the 500GB version of the product has been exposed PS4 Slim code for CUH-2016A. But PS4 Slim user guide also wrote a product code for the CUH-2016B host, and the model is likely to be equipped with 1TB super hard drive. Although there is no definite news, the 1TB version of PS4 is expected to be released on September 8th at the PS conference in conjunction with Slim in 500GB. PS4 Slim and PS4, the output does not support 4K resolution, the maximum resolution of the output is 1080P, it has obviously lagged behind the Xbox One S. (commissioning editor: Shen Guangqian, Yang Yu Poirot)相关的主题文章: