Qingdao men live in GreenTree Inn, Zibo, a night later found that the bed is full of ants xhero

Qingdao men live in Zibo GreenTree Inn one night and found the bed was full of ants by Mr. Duan bed ant startled (video screenshot) Mr. Duan was the bed of the ant startled (video screenshot) Qilu news network September 24th Qingdao Mr. Duan to travel to Zibo, staying in a hotel after a night opened the quilt, was startled by a group of ants. According to the "life circle" reports, Mr. Duan said that his friends and travel to Zibo, stay in a GreenTree Inn in Zibo District of Boshan, the results out of such a thing, this let his heart always be horrified. "If I find the problem in the prior to arrival, we can change a room or do not live here, but I stayed here for one night after the discovery of the problem, which has certain influence on me physically and mentally." Mr. Duan said. In this regard, the hotel staff told reporters that they are also more accidents on the matter, it is not clear why the ants appear. As for the request for refund of the cost of accommodation, the hotel staff said it has submitted a report to the headquarters of the company, will respond to mr.. On the morning of 24, GreenTree Inn Zibo Boshan district has been on the appeal of Mr. Duan, the manager made an apology to Mr. Duan, and given cash compensation.相关的主题文章: