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Qingdao Mid Autumn Festival Shangding practical Raiders – Sohu Qingdao Lantern Festival tours travel this year more, there are lights show South, Huangdao, Chengyang City, staged in Jimo, Licang, since two months, then the problem, the Mid Autumn Festival Shangding which strong? Of course, is located in Licang District of Qingdao World Horticultural Exposition lantern show! Many other, dazzling light group, grand scenes…… It is said that but put several million, with the world park gorgeous spectacular dance show, all kinds of snacks and theatrical performances plus, this is the real appreciation of the Lantern Festival! If the lights died last year to park buddies, then this might look better than last year, but oh! The Lantern Festival tour lasted from September 9th to October 10th, tourists admission time is 9:00-22:00, the lighting time is generally from the evening started around 17:30 lights, 22:00 lights, holiday lights out time will be extended to 23 points. One point: [Shangding] enjoy the Lantern Festival, the focus of the course is a lamp! The exhibition organizing committee with bright big arrow indicates the best route for everyone at the venue, we can according to the instructions of road lamp group is arranged in the Central District Park, along the avenue of flowers until the center at the north end of the plaza. This large group of lamps more lights, on the north end of the distribution center highlights the pool area, because the pedestrian route is long, late for park visitors, in order to save time, is not recommended in the park just near the lamp group delay too much time to take a photo, or directly to the first step to quickly browse the Tianchi area (also optional sightseeing by car), waiting for 19:30 water dance, then Shangding at the time of return. Aspect two: [light] since the lantern dance show took the ticket money, you must not miss the world park lights dance show, the show is the lamp at the other, not necessarily Waterdance, only to see the Waterdance, you will feel worthwhile, for, is so spectacular and unforgettable! Dance show in Tianshui area, north central square is the lantern show, during every day, every night at 19:30 20:30, staged twice every 15 minutes. So, want to see the water dance friends must be planning a good time in the park, always walk from the gate two to the Tianchi area for at least 20 minutes. [three]: watch theatrical performances into the park not far from the door can see the performing stage, 18:30 will start to show, the show is very popular in the interior of the festival, the lantern show many wonderful performances into the local characteristics of Sichuan cultural projects, interested friends can check out. [four]: watch stage east delicacy snack special delicacy snack area, node concentration of people generally have food stalls, tired hungry to shake, there are some lovely small objects can choose to buy oh! [park] ticket information day admission ticket (only 30 Yuan Garden), including the $90 Stadium Tour Packages, evening ticket (excluding venues) 50 yuan zhang. To the day tickets available at 9:00-15:00 Park, 15:00-22:00 park holding evening ticket. 65 years old (including) more than the elderly, Chinese military personnel, disabled persons, adults相关的主题文章: