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Qingdao about one hundred thousand acres of dry and dry autumn maize production – Beijing newspaper Qingdao September 19th news (reporter Song Zufeng) by the drought this year, part of the township Jimo autumn maize appeared affected to varying degrees, resulting in cuts or even. Some farmers lost about 200000 yuan a quarter. At present, there are more than and 20 days before harvest of autumn maize, but affected by drought, autumn maize production in Jimo part of the township and even extinct. "You see, there is no corn cob in the whole field of corn, which has been planted for the first time in my life." On the morning of 18, in the village of Jimo Daxin Town Zhao, more than and 60 year old villager Wang Pisheng and his wife planing corn straw was its own cornfields. Wang Pisheng said that this year he has planted more than 3 acres of autumn corn, because of the continuing drought, corn in the critical period of growth lack of rain and no normal pollination, now 3 acres of autumn maize crop, crop failure. The reporter saw in the corn, corn straw bottom and yellow leaves have dried up, most of the straw did not produce Corn Cob, very few straw even produce Corn Cob, corn Corn Cob on rarely and not full. Some villagers in order to vacate the farmland, to prepare for the next season of wheat, has begun to remove the corn stalks. The reporter learned from the Jimo Municipal Bureau of agriculture, Jimo this year a total of about 600000 acres planted in autumn corn, because of the continuing drought, the affected part of the township of autumn maize cuts or even, of which Jimo Duan Bo Lan town suffered the most serious. Reporters from the worst drought in Jimo Duan Bo LAN Zhen government learned this year, the local total planted about 110 thousand acres of autumn maize, drought affected farmland, the vast majority of varying degrees of damage. Guan Lu Bu Cun Duan Bo LAN Zhen said that this year he contracted more than and 300 acres of farmland planted corn, because the corn has not been timely irrigation, more than and 300 acres of corn in different degrees of drought, which has more than and 200 acres of corn crop, a total loss of about 200000 yuan. It is understood that, at present, Jimo’s agricultural sector in accordance with the township reported the fall of corn, has started the agricultural insurance claims procedures, as far as possible to help the villagers to reduce losses.相关的主题文章: