Reasons Why You Should Buy Princess Cut Engagement

Jewelry-Diamonds People who buy diamonds are often adviced to take note of the four C’s – clarity, color, carat weight and cut. All things being equal, most people will usually base their purchase on the diamond’s cut. The cut, after all, not only influences the diamond’s size and shape but also its brilliance. One of the most popular cuts that people choose these days is the princess cut — simple, beautiful and capable of bringing out the fire in a diamond. Here are just a few reasons why princess cut diamonds are a good choice for engagement rings: Brilliance The most stunning and desirable quality in diamonds other than their hardness and durability is their brilliance. Regardless of how well some gemstones are cut and polished, nothing quite achieves the same reflective power that a diamond has. The princess cut was first seen in 1964. Before then, round cut diamonds (or brilliant cut) were the more preferred cuts over square cuts (also known as emerald cut) because they tended to reflect light more. The princess cut was developed as a way to .bine the brilliance of the round cut to the unique beauty of the square cut. With princess cut engagement rings, even square diamonds could exhibit multiple facets. The princess cut made square-shaped diamonds sparkle. As a result, they have be.e more attractive not just for traditional jewelry but also as engagement rings. With the extra faceting, princess cut diamonds look more stunning, especially when worn by a blushing bride-to-be. Choice of setting style Probably the most known setting type is the Tiffany, a setting that utilizes a set of crowns or prongs to hold a diamond to a band ring, which is plain. Although the princess cut engagement ring can look beautiful on this type of setting, it can also look its best using other settings. For the popular eternity ring, for example, the preferred style for anniversary bands, princess cut diamonds are considered the most ideal gemstones to use. Price Thanks to improved methods, diamonds these days are not exactly rare but they remain pricey. Princes cut diamonds, however, are sold at pocket-friendly and relatively cheaper prices. This is one of the best reasons why princess cut engagement rings are a good choice. They are affordable (or even reasonably priced, depending on the carat weight, color and setting) but do not sacrifice style, beauty and brilliance for their user-friendly price. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: