Reduce costs, how to raise wages (people’s livelihood) noiseware

Reduce costs, how to raise wages (people’s sight) drawing: Zhang Fangman in the first 9 months of this year, Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu and other provinces to raise the minimum wage, an average increase of 10.7%. Some companies put forward: higher wages increase the cost of employment of enterprises, is not the "cost reduction" in general direction? Some experts worry that wage growth is too fast, may encourage enterprises to reduce costs through the machine substitutions, and ultimately not conducive to the workers. The development of the economy in the final analysis is to increase the well-being of the people, wages have to rise up; business problems put there, the cost pressures to resolve. To reduce cost, raise two not mistake, the key is to firmly grasp the "productivity" of this bid, reduce cost of the business, to achieve a win-win. How to reduce labor costs, wages rise? Let us listen to the views of enterprises and experts. –   their wage growth did not exceed the overall labor productivity of ordinary workers wages and benefits the overall level is still low, the future should be gradually increased in recent years, wages are not rising too fast? Bosses do not want to raise wages or simply drop some. But you see, prices are rising, prices are rising, the wages of ordinary employees really unhappy." Wang Yu in Beijing a large pharmaceutical companies do administrative work has been for 5 years, she forget afterwards, when the enterprise into a monthly salary of 7000 yuan, has now reached 10 thousand, if the inflation is taken into account, is far less than the GDP run faster. The opposite is true. These two years, the market situation is bad, business losses, even so, still have to wage a year or so." Zhejiang Zhenshi group finance manager Dongfang Special Steel Co. Ltd. Liu Junxian said. The person in charge of Henan Yutong group financial center, over the past 5 years the average annual salary of employees rose about 10%, and this stage is precisely the manufacturing enterprises generally sluggish, the operating difficulties of the period. How much wage growth is appropriate? Su Hainan, vice president of the China Society of labor, said the wages to win CPI, is the bottom line of normal wage growth, otherwise the real wages of workers fell, the days will be crossed the worse. Wages win GDP, is to allow people to share the results of economic development in the proper meaning, but also deepen the reform of the income distribution system. Wages are rising faster than those in a certain range, both reasonable and normal growth. In addition to CF CPI, GDP, to determine whether the wage is too rapid growth, there is a reference system, that is, labor productivity. If the rapid wage growth, while labor productivity increased faster, the overall impact on the comparative advantage of labor to labor costs of enterprises, in particular economy, also cannot say wages rise too quickly. One of the principles of the reform of income distribution in our country is that the increase of labor remuneration and the improvement of labor productivity". The Ministry of human resources and social labor wage research report shows that since the reform and opening up, China’s rapid growth in labor productivity in the manufacturing sector, significantly higher than the long-term wage growth. On 11th Five-Year the "12th Five-Year" period, workers in urban units in China (non private) the average wage of the average annual real growth of about 10.2% over the same period of second, three;相关的主题文章: