Rekindle the big 2 classic edition piece large series of play war candy candy

Big 2 classic edition piece large series of play resumed the "Westward Journey 2 version of the classic" 2016 new piece of information "through the mysterious realm" renewed a large series of gameplay eternal war number, king return, past and present, the end of the three heavy play again shocking debut! 9, from the beginning of the day, the number of open play time to adjust every Wednesday night 19:00 to 21:00. Tonight, 19:00 to 21:00, the whole service will return the first week King unified open play, the most beautiful double Boss taking ginseng sweet and beautiful girl struck, quality beauty for you opened a new round of the West encounter! A large series of play "eternal": you sing while drinking, rivers and lakes! Westward Journey brand Promo "Hu Ge brothers": to have the full version release of friendship! The "Westward Journey" in the 2 edition of the classic, classic wind, one of hundreds of millions of reputation! The best in all the land tournament game system upgrade, invite you to fight! The classic version of the official website: "Westward Journey 2 Free Edition", "big 2" NetEase brand extension — 360° green free, easy money, classic return! The new line of personal space, personal charm, a friend read bestie! 5 Gang friendship struck, then the arena in perfect sympathy with each other! Free version of the official website: Meiti相关的主题文章: