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VOIP A warm and tropical destination, Bangladesh is a country located near Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers. The country might not be of everyone’s attraction, but it certainly makes a nice travel for those who love to experience the beauty of nature. Bangladesh offers a truly unforgettable trip while exploring many enclosed places. These places would not be heavily developed in terms of hotels, resorts or shops, but provide a kind of satisfaction which is for life long. Most of the travel destinations of the country provide the touch of its natural beauty and wealth. Also, the places are unexplored as not everyone can take this lively chance to explore the delicacy of the country. Since the place is rich in hills, rivers and lakes, people get stimulated to look out the allurement of the place. As rightly said that ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’. This statement proves to be absolutely correct in the case of Bangladesh, as not everyone can have an eye to admire the admiring charm of the country. In order to know about this alluring and exceptional destination, people use call Bangladesh as a medium of .munication. There are many individuals present there in the country who are from different parts of the world. They have to stay connected to their relatives and friends. Though the technology has given us everything in an easy way, but tele. is still not upto the expectation as the calling rates are still high. The calling rates are not affordable for all, also depends on the destination preferred. Hence, people use the VoIP services to avoid heavy bills. As all of us are already on our systems whole day, we can use this practice in a constructive way too. People have started getting a hang of it. Now, there would hardly be anyone who doesn’t access .puter. Infact, most of our work is done by .puters only. Then, why no calling to Bangladesh. This is why VoIP offers this great opportunity to call from PC to PC and PC to Phone, costing absolutely nothing. The service can beavailed via using internet as there are many websites which are providing the facility to make internet calls. The PC to PC calling are free, no matter wherever one is making a call. But, PC to Phone requires only a few amount of penny as we are getting the option to make calls on phone. Not only this, while calling, one can also chat with the person. This gives a double fun to an user to call to Bangladesh. So, those who haven’t experienced the cost effective way of .munication, should try it as you just need to download a free software to make calls to Bangladesh. Explore the serene places of the beautiful country. 。