Rookie network distribution robot can give way to open the elevator win7codecs

Rookie network released distribution robots can open the elevator will give way to take a small G Phoenix Technology News September 1st news, the rookie network today released a small G called the end of the distribution robot. Rookie network released from real video, G is a small robot that can walk on land, about 1 meters tall, can hold about 10-20 package. As long as the mobile phone to the small G service needs, he will plan the optimal delivery path, the goods will be sent to the designated location, the user can scan the electronic signature. It is reported that a powerful algorithm for small G has the ability to think like humans, it will observe the surrounding complex environment, and the system to establish their own multidimensional world. Go on the road, a small G can also change to recognize the dynamic environment, it can not only identify pedestrians and vehicles on the road, can also ride the elevator, even it can perceive the degree of congestion of the elevator, it is absolutely not to grab the elevator. At present, the robot is Alibaba located in Hangzhou’s XiXi Wetland headquarters familiar with the environment, then, several rookie intelligent distribution robots will operate together to provide intelligent parcel delivery services for tens of thousands of employees in the hundreds of thousands of square meters of Alibaba park. Rookie G chief designer Chen Junbo said that the hope that the future of small G can help the courier to ease the pressure on the terminal distribution. He also said that the small G will continue to upgrade, with the ability to strain freely, expand more features. According to statistics, last year Chinese amount of the year more than 20 billion, the rookie network CTO Wang Wenbin thinks, according to the current growth rate, the number will soon break through 100 billion, if you still follow the traditional artificial way to carry is not realistic, and the robot first place should be in the warehouse and the end of the field.相关的主题文章: