Saturday’s race 066 Monaco’s home rally hits the mark-gamelink

Saturday: Monaco SMG 066 win 066 pass home court rebound Saturday French Monaco VS 2016-09-25 02:00 weather: Sunny angers 21° Venue: William II stadium Monaco situation: Monaco has finally lost it a lose nice smooth send on the list, this season is because of the rise of Monaco Ligue nice, they finally can Paris and Saint Germain Bai Bai wrist, the home court against ruolv, the team is expected to regain confidence. 0-4 lost to nice, to tell the truth before anyone would think this score, the recent events in Monaco too frequently, there are fluctuations in the state, all the teams have state of ups and downs, this is a normal thing. In fact, they are nice game, 10 foot shot 8 shot within the scope of the door, that alone can not say their condition is poor, but the single striker team Monaco, Falco seemed to be somewhat isolated and helpless in front of the coach, and arrange Germain and discharged 5 Carrillo off guard lineup in fact, from the beginning they did not intend to win, the team returned to their home court and should not be so casual. The current situation: the poor state of the start of Angers angers, recently won 3 consecutive games achievement is an accident, but this also from the side that the team does have the ability, just need to play out. Last season was successful this season upset angers, team on the road should have the opportunity to take points. The last round of home court team 2-1 victory over Caen, Caen we all know is a only offensive team, they were playing with Caen is actually a bit not at a disadvantage. After coach constantly experiments and the corresponding adjustment squad, now take this set between 352 and 532 between the squad is determined the squad. And in accordance with the team’s first 4 players in last season is the bench coach of the opening of a new bold has become the key to their success in the fight away rebound, if can put a low profile to angers, should have the opportunity to get 1 points. Record: the last 10 games against Monaco, made 4 wins 2 flat 3 negative results, the dominant, but last season they were angers the score of 3-0 to beat. SMG recommended: the Monaco back to the home court points determination is not small, and to be honest parties is still not a small gap between the strength, personally think that there is no necessary anti flat, Monaco successfully found, score: 3-1

周六竞彩066:摩纳哥主场反弹 大胜对手过关周六066 法甲 摩纳哥VS昂热 2016-09-25 02:00 天气情况:晴21° 场地:威廉二世球场 摩纳哥近况: 摩纳哥终于输球了,这一场输球也把尼斯顺利的送上了榜首,本赛季法甲好看就是因为摩纳哥的崛起,他们终于可以和巴黎圣日耳曼掰掰手腕,本场主场迎战弱旅,球队有望重拾信心。 0-4输给尼斯,说实话赛前谁都不会想到这个比分,最近赛事过于频繁的摩纳哥,确实也出现了状态的波动,所有球队都有状态的起伏,这是很正常的事情。其实他们在与尼斯的比赛当中,10脚射门8次射在门框的范围之内,光是这一点就不能说他们状态差,但采用单前锋阵容的摩纳哥,法尔考在锋线上显得有些孤立无援,主教练安排热尔曼和卡里略轮休,并且排出5后卫的阵容,其实从一开始他们就没打算赢球,本轮回到自己的主场球队与应该没有那么随意。 昂热近况: 开局状态极差的昂热,最近取得了3连胜的成绩很是意外,不过这也从侧面证明这支球队确实有能力,只是需要发挥出来。上赛季昂热曾爆冷成功,本赛季球队在客场应该有拿分的机会。 球队上轮主场2-1的比分战胜了卡昂,卡昂大家都知道是一支只会进攻的球队,他们与卡昂打对攻居然一点都不处于劣势。经过主教练不断地实验并且进行相应的阵容调整之后,现在拿出手的这套介于352和532之间的阵容,算是球队确定下来的阵容。并且按照球队现在的首发,有4名球员在上赛季都是替补球员,主教练大胆启用新人,也成为他们战绩反弹的关键,在客场作战如果昂热能够放低姿态死守,应该有机会拿到1分。 交手战绩: 双方最近交手的10场比赛,摩纳哥取得了4胜2平3负的成绩,占据优势,不过上赛季他们曾被昂热以3-0的比分击败。 竞彩推荐: 本场摩纳哥回到主场拿分的决心不小,并且老实说双方还是有不小的实力差距的,个人认为没有防平的必要,推荐摩纳哥顺利主胜,比分:3-1相关的主题文章: