School season, listen to Li Keqiang for college students to have what message

School season, listen to Li Keqiang for college students to have what message to a year of school season. Into the University, employment and entrepreneurship, PubMed reading Bo, many young students will usher in a new chapter in life. Premier Li Keqiang has repeatedly visited the University of university students, and students talk about reading, practice, talk about entrepreneurship. The State Council, the client WeChat (WeChat ID:zhengfu) review together with you, the students, the prime minister had given what message. Li Keqiang, who has a special liking for books and books, communicates with the students in the library, the reading room and the bookstore. He encouraged the students to read widely, form a good habit of reading. "At 6 every morning to get up to the library door seat." – 2014.11.21, Li Keqiang visited Zhejiang University in November 21, 2014, in the library of Zhejiang University and college students exchange, Li Keqiang initiative to talk about their careers. He mentioned that at Peking University, at 6 every morning to get up to the library door seat, more than 3 thousand people grab hundreds of seats. Li Keqiang also said it was filled with a thousand regrets, "77 years of the first college entrance examination after recovery, the people lost their reading time too long, everyone just want to" hungry for knowledge, the lost youth back. "." "Should read every day, this kind of good habit will let a person lifelong benefit." 2015.4.22, Li Keqiang studied at the Xiamen University in April 22, 2015, in the world reading day before evening, Li Keqiang visits Xiamen University, came to the school’s "Xiamen time" bookstore, and students are reading this book to interact, share reading experience. In the exchange with the students, Li Keqiang recalled that when he was in college, he went to the classroom and the library. He also elaborated on the significance of the young students to read the whole world, and stressed that the world reading day, although only one day, but it should be reading every day, this good habit will make people lifelong benefit. Read more classic, classic works, so as to accumulate more profound, more open vision, standing on the shoulders of the predecessors." 2015.4.22, Li Keqiang at the Xiamen University to study Li Keqiang April 22, 2015 visit Xiamen time bookstore, students please premier recommended books. Li Keqiang said that books are the bearer of human civilization heritage tools. You need to read new books, but to get the most basic knowledge, but also read more classical, classical works, so as to accumulate more deep, more open vision, really standing on the shoulder. Talk about the study of the prime minister believes that knowledge is power". In 2014, he had his "own" to encourage young people, after graduating from high school to the countryside when farmers feed themselves, but has always insisted on learning, because I believe that knowledge is power. "Both innovation and entrepreneurship, we must have a solid foundation of knowledge and cultural heritage." 2014.11.21, Li Keqiang studied at the Zhejiang University in November 21, 2014, and at the Zhejiang University students, Li Keqiang hopes they are adhering to the "realistic and innovative" Zhejiang University School Motto, study hard, the pursuit of truth. "Core" source ".相关的主题文章: