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"Screen" Fox Ultimate Trailer exposure November 21st stunning launch! Sohu – Luo Yunxi Yu Yan [entertainment]   HD Photo Click to enter the Sohu by the Sohu; entertainment news video and media CO produced the original perfect IP "high value Yan fantasy drama" screen Fox "held today on-line conference, Sohu group chairman of the board and CEO, the Sohu, the drama produced by CEO video Zhang Zhaoyang, general manager of Sohu video copyright film center mark, Sohu video market and content operations center senior director Zhang Pingyu, producer, screen video Sohu" Fox "producer Cao Di, President of the media, the perfect time" screen "producer Wang Xi fox, with the drama director Zhou Haijun, screenwriter Cao Xiaotian, starring Luo Yunxi, Liu Xinqi, Jun Jie, Wang Zhaoyang, Huang Hao Zejia unveiled the conference. Conference on the premiere of the ultimate version of the trailer, unlike the previous version of the trailer, the trailer for the whole emotional line more tragic story, more complete, changed the previous version of the comedy style, so that the whole story is relaxed gradually into the serious and tense atmosphere. The new version of the trailer to the different world fantasy crevice pub "for the opening, after a stunning special effects, the gradual introduction of four met a plot, the screen caused by Fox three emotional entanglements begins. "Why do you want to and I conclude and contract?" , "as long as you die, the contract will naturally lift the screen." Yu Yan dressed in red on the cold snow flying said zheng. Is this the rhythm of falling in love? Actor Yu Yan Chi Sha adults and female artist Zheng Xuejing in the opening on the downtown bustling, the male overbearing president body, "do you think it is the king of voluntary!" Plus, a variety of difficulties. The main female is not a small sheep, two people seem not to depend on each other, when most distressed, this is also the screenwriter MicroHand place. "Screen" Fox network drama Ultimate Trailer tells the female painter Zheng Xuejing dresser in Beijing to participate in the election of three painters, Fox "manservant" accompany father together to find the cause of death, but found himself is not his father’s daughter, Zheng Xuejing is unable to accept. Then again bestie Qionghua poison, his face instantly becomes old, Yu Yan forced Qionghua to surrender the antidote, but Qionghua does not have the antidote, is an old woman to Qionghua. More than once, Yan and the old woman confrontation, the old lady said to Yan Yu always curse the most beloved people. Just look mind two people but also met the contradiction, later learned that the old woman was his girlfriend lost memory element peach, Yu Yan and Zheng Xuejing’s life changed again. Fate, poor lovers’ love and many tribulations, joys and sorrows, all is good". Yu Yan and Zheng Xuejing two people to fruition, perplexing feelings of the line in how to solve? Please look forward to November 21st Sohu video network drama "screen fox"! In the final notice just 5 minutes of the film, fantasy, romance, adventure, love and hate, funny and many other aspect, enough to see the actor lineup and strength acting, effects of the production is super awesome, I believe the accord with the public’s appetite, users refer to expect positive! November 21st lock search相关的主题文章: