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Secretary of the governor how to deal with the reception of the masses petition? Sohu news editor Shu Funing Xing Ying wrote, if to do a survey in the organs of cadres at all levels: what do you think is the most difficult thing in a job? There must be a lot of people’s answer is: reception to deal with mass petition. Political SIPO (WeChat ID:bqzhengzhiju) noted that the main leaders in many places personally handling tough problems, making the "big" problem "is not difficult to a boss". Yes, I know you said the government but the provincial leaders — Secretary of the governor. Partner reception not long ago, Hebei province governor Zhang Qingwei to work for the masses mediation center liberating petition cases, reception of PKU families come to petition. As early as August, there are parents of children with phenylketonuria petition, hoping to be included in the scope of all children with phenylketonuria. After two or three months, other parents petition met Zhang Qingwei, the governor is affirmative: people and social hall, provincial guard Planning Commission and other departments have come up with a solution, next January 1st PKU will be unified into rural and urban and rural health care system. The main leadership, Zhang Qingwei is not the first to mass work center in June 27th this year, the provincial Party Secretary Zhao Kezhi went to the reception here. Zhao Kezhi told colleagues in the subsequent forum, to start from the provincial Party committee, the provincial people’s Congress, the provincial government, the provincial CPPCC leaders, leaders at all levels should take the lead in liberating, visit, the case of the governor’s visit, to resolve the difficult problem from the source. I will take the lead in liberating Zhao Kezhi. Last August, he was transferred to the Hebei provincial Party secretary from Guizhou for more than a month, went into the joint liberating center is located in Langfang Development Zone office building, the petitioners were liberating. In fact, as early as in Guizhou provincial Party Secretary Zhao Kezhi, had to the center of Guizhou province mass work, take the lead in liberating and mediation cases. At that time Zhao Kezhi and Governor Chen miner together by. According to media reports, the principal leaders of Guizhou province went into the reception hall, there are some people gathered around to reflect the situation. "Zhao Kezhi, do not evade, do not dodge, took the mass appeal materials, listen patiently, carefully asked about the situation." In the reception process, staff time for consideration, two people have been interrupted to speak, Zhao Kezhi stopped. And so on every one of the masses are finished, Zhao Kezhi said to everyone, very ashamed, requiring the authorities to conduct in-depth investigation immediately, a reasonable and legitimate solution to the problem. Political SIPO (WeChat ID:bqzhengzhiju) noted that Guizhou Province over the years there have been leaders liberating tradition. Li Zhanshu served as secretary of the provincial Party committee, research in Anshun on the road, encountered the petitioners reflect the problem. In the reception, he changed the next trip, turn to the Anshun City Council received the visiting masses. According to local media reports, here, Li Zhanshu spent 4 hours, one by one to listen to and study to solve all the problems of the masses petition. Narrow conference room can not sit down, he let the leadership as far as possible to the seat out, let visiting group crystal相关的主题文章: