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See American parenting – Sohu present national maternal gradually relaxed family planning policy, from the "separate second child" to release the two child indicators. With the change of national policy environment, family education is facing new challenges. We focus on child education before, now we begin to pay attention to the problem of multi family. University of California at Davis of human and social development? "Catherine? Gore (Catherine Conger) had a hole of 384 pairs of siblings and their parents were? Study found that 65% of mothers and 70% fathers said they have a preference for a child. It is generally eccentric in multi family conflicts. There is also a description of the eccentricity in the film and television works. See "Charlie" in a diary Duncan had three children, but have good sunshine Oolong big brother PJ, considerate sister Teddy and funny elves brother Gabe. After the birth of fourth children at home Charlie, little brother Gabe feel that they are often neglected by their families, we all eccentric little sister. He has a strong hostility to Charlie. In the play Gabe constantly asked his father’s school and birthday, but Dad can not answer every time. This neglect and eccentricity can have serious consequences. Claire, a professor of developmental psychology at the University of Denver, Clare Stocker, showed that children who felt they were less valued were more likely to have anxiety, feelings of inferiority and depression. Some children will also have behavioral problems, so parents will punish them, the result of the increase and the gap between parents. We can take a look at the growing experience of Charles, a British writer, and Dickens. He was born in a poor family, 11 years old when his parents leave him to his father to wipe the shoes at home, take care of others, also do the legwork handyman, and his sister went to study in Royal College of Music. 12 year old birthday just 2 days, Dickens was sent to a boot factory to work, and later because of his father’s reason for dismissal, so Dickens’s mother tries to put him back to the factory. Even though he continued to stay at home, but Dickens did not because the heart of the bitter time reduced, he later said: "I never forget, never forget, can not forget, my mother is very keen to take me back to the factory." This has been a grudge against her mother. Even if things over the past 20 years, he is still in the very autobiographical novel "David Copperfield"? Wrote: "until today, although the name is love and happiness, in my dream I often forget my dear wife and children; even forget I was an adult, and back in my life time." For children who are favored side will also bring problems. They are likely to become arrogant, selfish, self-centered, but in the world after they discovered that others do not take them seriously. The story of the beloved of the family in the adult society has been hit in drama and history. American playwright Arthur? Miller’s masterpiece "death of a salesman", not only depicts the protagonist Wiley Loman? The tragedy of life, but also to show him.相关的主题文章: