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SEO When you search anything on a website, below the main link of the result, there are certain text strings highlighted in black. On the basis of the frequency of these terms, a website is given priority in search engine results. SEO .pany in Delhi As the term suggests, Search engine optimisation is a technique to optimise your website so that search engines retrieve the website more frequently. In itself, SEO doesnt take too much effort. It involves adding or modifying certain keywords in the website or blog so that a particular search engine recognizes the website better and ranks it higher. Benefits? Better ranking SEO entails putting some keywords in the website which are more likely to be searched. The more such keywords, the more are the chances of your website being a desired search result. By optimising your website for a particular search engine, you increase its trustworthiness. Greater the trustworthiness, higher your website will be in the search results. The importance of ranking is demonstrated by the fact that for any search, 60% of the clicks go to the first result, leaving only 40% for the rest of results. Increase in targeted traffic By using SEO, you increase the likelihood of a keyword being present on your website. Since this is a desired result, it is bound to increase traffic on the website. But its not just about numbers; its about the right kind of numbers. SEO not only increase traffic, it ensures that the information reaches the target audience. It is from this target audience that the numbers flow in. This will eventually result in greater sales generating the desired levels of revenue. Brand Management .pany Brand awareness Making sure that people can find your website easily on search engines will have an inevitable impact on your brand, in terms of how aware people are of your brand. SEO can attach search strings to your website, relevant to your target audience so that people dont just find your website easily, but remember it in the future too. Cost-effective From the website owners point of view, SEO is one of the most cost-effective online-marketing tools present. Its return on investment is one of the highest and very consistently so. It is very easy to perform; the owner just has to enter relevant keywords and keep them updated. It is continuous; it doesnt just stop and has to be renewed. Moreover, the results of an SEO campaign are fully quantifiable and easily visible. Higher brand credibility People trust search engines like Google. And their trust declines with progressing pages. The further back you are in rankings on Google the more people are sceptical about your website. And the fact is that Google supplies search results to some of the largest Internet search firms. This means if you rank high on Google, you most likely will rank high on Yahoo, Bing and MSN as well. In the era of cut-throat .petition, where reaching the customer in every possible manner is not an option, Search Engine Optimisation provides a way to reach out in a behind-the-scenes manner. SEO ensures that when someone wants to find something that you have to offer, they find you. When all costs seem to be going up and revenue seems to be flowing in different directions, SEO provides an easy-to-handle, low-cost online marketing solution for customers and owners alike. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: