Serial Killers Son Of Sam-rainism

Arts-and-Entertainment Fame. Why do some pursue it to the gates of insanity. Take the Son of Sam serial killer baby-faced David Berkowitz as an example in point. Interestingly Mr. Berkowitz’s eventual capture was pure happenstance. He was arrested for a string of arson events not for the murders , which he eventually admitted to. Can you believe that the police actually believed David Berkowitz’s explanation for his apparent crimes – that a dog from outer space "told him to do it". The crimes for which he was sentenced for started in July 1976, one of the girls was killed almost instantly after being shot in the chest, while her friend survived with having been shot in the leg. Many residents of the New York areas were injured by this murderous spree – all for no apparent reason or motivations. It was murder and more mayhem all in all. All of the crimes took place between short spaces of time from 1976 to 1977. A hand written letter appeared and was discovered while detectives scoured the area of the Esau-Suriani case, which happened in April 1977. In a manner similar to the "Zodiac Killer" of the bay area of San Fransisco the killer or killers submitted public notes to the police – as if to taunt them of their powerlessness to the unwarranted string of serial murders. The letter was written as the first person saying that he was a monster and that he was unlike other people, that he had been programmed to kill and was not, as the press had said beforehand a woman hater, he also says that he does not belong on this earth and ends the letter by mentioning god, saying ‘God bless you all’. Most criminologists have .e to the solid conclusion that the steps and procedures followed to a tee , all represent the workings and mythologies of a satanic cult – similar to Charle’s Manson and the California Manson Family ritual killings. Yet no tie of satanic cult like background or Satanist connections have ever been made to the young Mr. Berkowitzz of any of his clan. At least justice was done when the infamous Son of Sam Killer David Berkowitz was awarded a full 365 years in prison. He will spend the rest of his life prison, so his reign of terror is over. His next parole hearing is scheduled for next year (2010), as although he originally said that he was guilty of all the murders he since changed his plea and the police have all along thought he was not the only person involved in the crimes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: