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Seventy elderly after 6 hours of rescue after waking handwritten "nurse did not eat" the Sohu news the old man woke up for the first time, with trembling hand and made "nurses did not eat" five words. "Xianyang Hospital of Yan’an University, a more than and 70 year old patient after 6 hours of 13 medical workers struggling to rescue, was finally pulled back from the dead line. The first time the old man woke up, with trembling hand and made "nurses did not eat" five words." Recently, such a message in the circle of friends and WeChat caused heated debate, many users have been touched by mutual understanding between medical staff and patients. Nurse: when the tears in my eyes around October 21st morning 9 am, 71 year old Guo Master examination in Shaanxi Xianyang Hospital of Yan’an University, sudden loss of consciousness, the hospital launched an emergency Easy Access, patients admitted to the hospital emergency chest pain center. It was found that the patient had acute ischemic hypoxic encephalopathy due to left atelectasis, right pleural effusion and mediastinal displacement. 13 medical staff after 6 hours of rescue, the old man pulled back from the dead line. 3 pm the same day, the old man was a little unstable after wake up, with two fingers in his mouth next to it, than to draw a similar dinner, this scene is just fill in the ward nurse Tian Mengyuan nursing records to see. "I thought the old man was uncomfortable with his windpipe." Careful Tian Mengyuan asked, stuck trachea dumb old man shook his head, then pointing to the hands of the Tian Mengyuan nursing records, and looked at the pen. Tian Mengyuan put the paper and pen handed the hands of the elderly, the elderly with a quivering hand "the nurse did not eat" five words. "I was particularly touched by the tears in her eyes." Yesterday at 12 am, in the area of cardiovascular medicine six disease Xianyang Hospital of Yan’an University, Tian Mengyuan told China Daily reporter, the old man wrote the word is very simple, but very heavy feeling. She believes that the patient woke up after the first thought was a nurse, although only 5 words, which contains a great love. And Tian Mengyuan, many Yan’an University Xianyang hospital staff have been moved, in their view, this little thing in the doctor-patient relationship tense today is more valuable. The families of medical staff from the heart: "it is grateful to the medical staff heartfelt gratitude." 2 pm yesterday afternoon, in the ward, Guo master’s wife Ms. Wang said, four or five years ago, his wife had a heart attack, it is easy to cause a fluid in the lungs, breathing difficulties. October 21st at 9 am, she pushed his wife with a doctor to do the check, ready to help check the bed when his wife appeared syncope, thanks to a hug. Subsequently, a number of medical staff immediately to rescue his wife, spent more than 6 hours. Health care workers have been followed." Ms. Wang said, until 3 pm the same day, his wife had a sense that he was rescued more than 6 hours, his eyes a little moist." Ms. Wang said, his wife is a very kind person, usually will look for the sake of others. See her writing, she immediately called the medical staff to eat, but it was all declined. at相关的主题文章: