Shoulder Muscle Exercises For Beginners 3 Killer Shoulder

UnCategorized Over the years I’ve experimented with dozens of different shoulder muscle exercises. Some I learned from friends, some I learned by watching others at they gym, and some I read about on the internet. Some of these exercises turned out to be great while others ended up being a .plete waste of time. Below are 3 shoulder exercises that, after painful trial and error, I found to be both effective and easy to do. Lateral raises .. To do this exercise you will need to stand upright with your feet shoulder width apart and your knees bent slightly downward. Next, you will want to have both of your arms hanging right in front of your body with a dumbbell of appropriate weight in each hand. The bottoms of each dumbbell should be facing front to back. While lifting the weights away from your body, be sure to inhale deeply. Lift the dumbbell until is at shoulder height. Basically, you want your body to look like the letter "T". Perform this exercise approximately 4-6 times. Front Raises .. Front raises are actually similar to lateral raises but with a few modifications. Stand upright with your feet at shoulder width apart and your knees bent slightly.As with lateral raises you will want your arms to hang in front of your body but hold the weights lateral instead of front to back. Now simply lift the weights away from your body. Then simply lower the weights and you are basically done with this exercise. Shoulder Shrugs .. This exercise works what are known as the trapezius muscles, which is a muscle located in the shoulder. Start off by standing in an erect, totally relaxed position holding the dumbbell weights at either side of your body and with the weights facing away from your body, not pointed inward. Next, move your shoulders forward while slightly sloping your shoulders downward at the same time. Once you begin, you will want to raise your shoulder as high as is possible and simultaneously back as far as possible. You can do this exercise as much as 8 times in a single workout assuming you are doing at least 6 reps per set. If you incorporate these exercises into your overall shoulder workout you should notice substantial improvements in your total muscular development. As with all other muscle groups, always remember to mix up your shoulder exercises with each workout routine. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: