Sino Japanese relations when they can get out of the dilemma of the double faced jessica rabbit

When the Sino Japanese relations can walk out of "double face" Dilemma and visit to Japan, what is the difference? What is the difference between meeting and communicating? In Tokyo Wednesday, ending the foreign ministers’ meeting, to all concerned about international affairs, on a good vocabulary lessons in diplomacy. This does not, on Monday, the Foreign Ministry press conference, appeared a rare scene: two spokesman Lu Kang correct reporter said, foreign minister Wang Yi stressed that the Japan to participate in multilateral meetings, and access to nothing. The next day in answer to the Japanese media predicted a bilateral meeting with the foreign ministers of the two countries question, Lu Kang is not to mention "meet" two words, only that there will be some bilateral contacts and exchanges". By Tuesday evening, had been taken, met with Japanese media said the visit also changed the tone: no mention of Japan, but stressed that this is the first time to Japan since Wang Yi became the foreign minister, that night he and Japanese Foreign Minister Kishida Fumio made an informal exchange of views for an hour "". Wang Yi was invited to a meeting on the day, not to visit, exchange and contact Kishida, also an informal meeting, before and after the two substantive differences between the expression, from the literal meaning understanding, it is not difficult to fathom. The spokesman of the foreign ministry to pull the words to the point where the message is very clear: Although Wang Yi became foreign minister in three years is accessed from nothing to Japan, although Japan’s foreign minister has been in the first half of the official visit to China, but the Chinese clearly believes that now is not the right time, Wang Yifang. Moreover, even if the king Yiren has been to Japan, and also unwilling to cooperate with Japan for an official visit and talks. It reflects the embarrassing situation of Sino Japanese relations at the present stage. What is the status quo? Wang Yi might wish to apply a vivid statement at this year’s press conference, the current bilateral relations between China and Japan, is caught in the so-called double faced dilemma. Wang Yi explained at a press conference, the Japanese government and leaders on the one hand continue to claim to improve relations between Japan and China, on the one hand and deliberately to find trouble everywhere, which is a typical double face approach. Japanese officials and media during the three foreign ministers will take the performance to verify that the Japanese side of this "double" traits and pies, behaved most incisive. For example, the Japanese side hopes to visit Chinese foreign minister and bilateral meetings, while the media said, when both sides meet on the Diaoyu Islands situation to China in protest. Foreign minister on Tuesday at the welcome dinner for Japan and South Korea foreign minister, but defense the same day they boarded the U.S. aircraft carrier in Japan, and vowed to strengthen the Japan US alliance, will be directed at China. Look again long, in the past few years, in the bilateral relations, Japan is indeed a "double face": not only to spare no effort China trouble trouble in various international occasions, and down to China sichanlanda and dialogue. By contrast, Japanese’s "double" motives but so few: first, in the Japanese government’s diplomatic achievement book add a color pen; secondly, to achieve the purpose of publicity, be accountable to the international community, let the outside world think of Sino Japanese relations is still normal. Finally, as the female anti Inada Tomomi on the U.S. military aircraft on the expression, to further strengthen the Japan us alliance. There will be a series of important international multilateral meetings, including the G20 summit in Hangzhou, the East Asian leaders and other series, Japan recently frequently.相关的主题文章: