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Health Sure, you want great skin; and, you understand the importance of maintaining some kind of skin care regimen. Normally, that includes cleansing, moisturizing, and occasionally exfoliating. But for some people, a simple routine like this renders ineffective. Mild or moderate skin conditions, both chronic and acute, may stubbornly resist your efforts and then what? A good dermatologist may be able to help. At Ontario dermatology practice SkinPS in Southern California, qualified dermatologists can help you successfully address a variety of common skin problems, including: Acne Rosacea Eczema Scarring Spider veins Sun spots Visible aging signs What treatments are available? Numerous treatments are available for these and other common skin problems. In fact, some treatments are able to address more than one condition at a time. The most typical example of this is laser skin resurfacing (also known as laser skin rejuvenation). At SkinPS, skilled dermatologists frequently help patients reduce or eliminate multiple skin conditions with a series of laser treatments administered by powerful, specially designed laser systems. Another example of a multi-faceted skin care treatment is Cosmelan, a depigmentation product that can only be obtained from a medical or skin care professional. Cosmelan has proven to be an effective treatment for several of the conditions above; specifically, those associated with hyperpigmentation. At SkinPS, a dermatologist will administer the first portion of Cosmelan treatment in the Montclair/Upland dermatology office; later, the second portion is applied by the patient at home. When the doctors instructions are carefully followed, patients can enjoy smoother, more evenly toned skin. What else? Of course, a dermatologists services are not limited to the selections listed above. At SkinPS in Ontario, dermatology services also include topical medicines, facial injectables, and microdermabrasion. In fact, a dermatologists services may extend beyond skin treatment; for example, SkinPS offers expert treatment for specific hair and nail conditions. use skin conditions occur in children as well as adults, dermatologists are often accustomed to servicing patients of all ages; at SkinPS, both may be treated at the Upland/ Montclair dermatology services . facility. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: