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The "separation" Han Qing against child education "across the board" — entertainment channel, August 27 Beijing Xinhua (Tang Ping) annual warm topic of drama "small separation" is currently Beijing TV Star Theater hit. Hai Qing, Zifeng Zhhang, the strength of the actor Huang Lei, Han Qing, Zhu Yuanyuan, Chen Shu, Vivian Wu, Wang Ji, idol TFBOYS large number of coffee portrait appeared. Small separation to face high school students to study the heat, and focus on parent-child, education, livelihood of all kinds of social hot topic, tells the story of the growth of three different families. In August 25th, the drama starring Han Qing into the Sanlitun street community, and community residents to share the wonderful fun drama. In the family drama tiger mother cat dad, Han Qing interpretation of the wolf dad Du Feng’s educational philosophy and way of doing things, to the audience to bring a surprise, his cold harsh style, the audience dubbed Du Bingbing. In the hit drama "farewell", Han Qing play the role of father, but to a 180 degree change, become a gentle and considerate father dad cat". The Jin Zhiming is a taxi driver, he is honest, is a good man love his wife daughter. Especially for the daughter, good father Kim Zhiming is responsive, always obey in every way, but in abroad this matter, her daughter to stay firmly opposed, showing a father for her daughter’s dismay and care. Talking about the role played by Han Qing, is also very touching, say it is a "good father down to earth". He broke the news in the play he often according to the story to some impromptu God fill knife". Zhu Yuanyuan took a shot to send himself and Qin Qin left the play, and he said to him: "you have to pay attention to safety," and then subconsciously took the sentence on the script did not have the line: "do not drink and drive the car on the line," Zhu Yuanyuan said, "do not drive."." Another daughter cincin fled back to his daughter, little education comment but Han Qing had launched a general ideological education, put aside the terrified Zhu Yuanyuan. Han Qing in the play repeatedly "two creative", he also joked he was "attention to interrupt twenty years." For small separation in the study abroad this hot topic, Han Qing also have their own views. Study abroad should be a comprehensive multi factor, to consider the wishes of the child and the family’s ability to bear, not across the board." Han Qing admitted: now, many parents choose blindly follow the trend, to impose their will on the child, but to study abroad for many families is not necessarily the best choice."   (; Xiong Xu: he Yingchun, commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: