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Mobile-Cell-Phone If you think Leather, Naked, Smart, Stealth, Tribal and Vroom sounds sexy, youd be absolutely right. These smartphone cases and skins from Case-Mate have been designed with the discerning and stylish customer in mind. Joining the Barely There, Fuel, Chrome, Backpack, Clear Armour, Dockster and Fuel, the rest of the Case-Mate range just keeps on giving you choices. The Case-Mate Leather range offers a great selection in a wide range of colours and finishes that would suit his and hers phones with its high quality Italian leather. Colours range from black to hot pink, green, red and brown. There are case and holster .bos as well as limited edition Carbon Fiber Leather BlackBerry cases. This rare leather has only been used in high end aftermarket cars (Techart Porsche) and very high end cell phones (Vertu). There is also a Signature Case for the HTC Diamond a smartphone that is both intuitive, innovative and extremely good looking! Case-Mate Naked Skin is the world’s first touch-through case for the iPod Touch, phone and Nano, BlackBerry and the Googlephone. This revolutionary patent-pending technology mimics the function of touch screens so exactly, that touch functions flawlessly while in this case, even though you are actually touching the screen through the case. For the first time you can have the best of both worlds-.plete protection and full functionality. Naked skins are understated, for those who want to care for their phone without making too much fuss about it. Case-Mate Smart Skins are just for BlackBerrys and like all clever fruit the skin is designed to protect the goodness within it! In this instance with a silicone material printed with a carbon fibre pattern. The skin protects the entire device whilst providing access to all ports and buttons. Stunningly simple, yet in typical Case-Mate style, cunningly clever. And of course, very easy on the eye. For the James Bonds amongst you, Stealth would be the choice of Case-Mate for your 3G iPhone. A privacy screen on the front and self-healing matte black defensive backing ensures your iPhone stays below the radar. Includes a full-face privacy screen that provides a 45 viewing angle. This member of the Case-Mate family allows you to broadcast to your tribe with the iPhone 3G Tiki / Tribal case. Made with superior rubber and designed with funky tribal style art in super bright colours. Even if you throw it around, this one will most likely bounce! Last but not least in the Case-Mate range is the aptly named Vroom. A new tyre-tread pattern case for the iPhone 3G, iTouch 2G and 4th gen Nano. Made from 100% rubber, this sporty form-fit case will protect your phone in style. Also .es in spanky colours. Totally top gear! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: