Solve the crisis is still the key to improve the treatment of male teachers-luonv

To solve the crisis of male teachers is key to improve the treatment of Chinese according to "Youth Daily" reported that since 2015 the trial of the Fujian province "normal boys free education policy, has recently been a female college student application by the Legislative Affairs Office of Fujian provincial government for review. The college students believe that the policy is obvious enrollment gender discrimination. Public data shows, Fujian Province, full-time teachers in the primary school female teachers accounted for 61.6% of the city primary school female teacher proportion is as high as 83.2%, the vast majority of long-term kindergarten male teachers every year to recruit new teachers, male teachers in the proportion of smaller. If we do not take effective measures, the male teacher crisis may be more serious. Aside from the controversy of gender discrimination, only in the utilitarian level, Fujian can achieve the original intention, to improve the proportion of male teachers? I’m afraid not. Even if the free normal education policy to attract some of the boys enrolled in the normal professional, does not mean that the future of the male teachers more. According to the policy design, free normal students after graduation to return to the students engaged in teaching work of not less than 10 years. On the practical level, there is no strong measures to ensure the implementation of. From the nationwide experience, after the implementation of the policy of free normal students, students in the service period to breach the contract even in the University in "change the identity", for a number of. More importantly, teachers in the basic education phase of poor treatment, low social status, so willing to take this as a career for men less and less. This is not to say that men’s income should be higher than women, but admitted that in the current social division of labor, the men bear more economic responsibility. Primary school, kindergarten teachers’ income although not in all occupation in the lowest, but its professional skills for practitioners and higher requirements, and achieve the corresponding skills and knowledge of men are more inclined to a high degree of competition and better paid jobs. So, if you do not improve the treatment of teachers in basic education, even if the free normal students, but also can not let the male teachers at ease to teach, to achieve the desired results.相关的主题文章: