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UnCategorized Buying a used car is a great idea: it can save you a great amount of money and, if you do your homework, you will drive away satisfied that you got a good vehicle and a deal as well. Here is a short sampling of "do’s" that will help to make your purchase a good experience. DO take the time to check out a car’s history. There are used car history reports that you can examine and help you to make a more informed decision. A report will be able to give you honest facts about mileage, accident history, legal liens, and other issues. When purchasing from a private seller, all you will have to go on about a vehicle’s condition is his word. Making the effort to find out about a car from an impartial source makes good common sense. Protect yourself. DO bring along a mechanic friend or some other individual who is well experienced with automobiles. Your "own expert" will be able to make an objective assessment of the vehicle you are considering. Honestly, most of us know the basics about cars but are not well versed in the art of detecting hidden engine or body problems. DO call ahead on the telephone to see if there is wiggle room in price negotiation. If you have clear cost parameters that you are working within, don’t bother to even see a vehicle if the seller is not willing to consider coming within your range. Make sure you ask all of the other questions that are important to you as well: does it have air conditioning, for instance? You’ll save yourself a lot of time and trouble by doing as much legwork as possible on the phone. DO be wary of buying a car that is in need of minor repairs. "Minor repairs" can rapidly turn into "major costs," and all the money you could have saved by owning a preowned car will be sucked down the drain. Trust your gut instincts: if you don’t feel good about the car, there are plenty of others out there for you to choose from. DO take your time to "get to know" a used car before purchasing it. Take it for a nice long drive so that the two of you can get well acquainted. It may drive just fine in town, but struggle for power once you get on the freeway. That pinging sound in the engine may only show up after the engine is properly warmed up. New car buyers take their time: used car buyers should do the same. It’s your money. DO buy an extended warranty whenever possible. Although such a warranty doesn’t cover wearable items like brakes and tires, it may really save a lot of money should serious engine problems develop. DO research used car dealerships and select one with a good reputation. Chances are, if word of mouth is good about a dealer, it is representative of the quality of the cars that you will have to choose from. Do your homework, protect your interests, and you will drive away happy! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: