Some of the imported Lexus lx470 recalled the airbag safety hazards exist-winbook

LX470 recalled some of the imported Lexus airbag unsafe imported Lexus LX470 was recalled to the Beijing daily news (reporter Qian Yusun Hao Tian) yesterday, the state quality inspection administration official website announced that the day before, TOYOTA motor (China) Investment Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "TOYOTA") has been to the State Quality Inspection Administration filed a recall plan. The company will since March 2, 2016, to recall some of the imported 2004-2006 Lexus LX470 cars, the production date is October 6, 2004 -2006 year in June 2nd, according to the company’s statistics, in mainland China involving a total of 749 Chinese. It is understood that the reason for the recall of TOYOTA cars, recall the airbag control unit because the system startup procedure is not perfect vehicle range, when the vehicle is in the uneven road parking condition, after starting the engine and quickly across the shoulder when possible deviation of zero vehicle rollover sensor calibration. Therefore, when the vehicle tilt, it may be mistaken for vehicle rollover, resulting in curtain airbags and seat belt tightening device work, affecting the normal operation of the driver, there are security risks. Data shows, LX470 is Lexus’s earlier SUV models, but also the brand’s second generation LX, kingpin models currently on the official website of Lexus LX car is an upgraded version of LX470 LX570. In addition, due to Lexus in China main sales model changes, 2015 Lexus sales in China two years ago to get rid of the stagnant and slow growth of the situation. Data show that Lexus in China in 2015 total sales of 86 thousand and 900 vehicles, an increase of 14%, ranked fifth in the luxury car market. In addition, 2016 Lexus in China sales target of 100 thousand vehicles, at the same time, the increase in the dealer network layout and delivery models. It is understood that Lexus relevant responsible person said earlier, will add 15 new dealers in the country in 2016, and will launch the new GS in China in April 2016. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

部分进口雷克萨斯LX470被召回 安全气囊存安全隐患   部分进口雷克萨斯LX470被召回   北京商报讯(记者 钱瑜 孙昊天)昨日,国家质检总局官网发布消息称,日前,丰田汽车(中国)投资有限公司(以下简称“丰田汽车”)已向国家质检总局备案了召回计划,该公司将自2016年3月2日起,召回部分进口2004-2006款雷克萨斯LX470汽车,生产日期为2004年10月6日-2006年6月2日,据该公司统计,在中国内地共涉及749辆。   据了解,丰田汽车本次召回的原因是,召回范围内的车辆安全气囊控制单元由于系统启动程序不完善,当车辆处在不平整路面停车的状态下,起动发动机后且迅速跨越路肩等时,车辆的侧翻传感器校正的零点有可能发生偏差。因此,当车辆发生倾斜时,就可能会被误判断为车辆侧翻,从而导致帘式安全气囊及座椅安全带预收紧装置工作,影响驾驶员正常操作,存在安全隐患。   资料显示,LX470是雷克萨斯较早推出的一款SUV车型,也是该品牌的第二代LX,目前在雷克萨斯官网上LX车系的主销车型则是LX470的升级版LX570。   另外,由于雷克萨斯在华主力销售车型的改变,2015年雷克萨斯摆脱了前两年在华销量徘徊不前、增长缓慢的状况。数据显示,雷克萨斯2015年在华累计销量8.69万辆,同比增长14%,位列豪华车市场第五位。   此外,2016年雷克萨斯将在华销量目标定为10万辆,与此同时,在经销商网络布局以及车型投放方面都将增加。据了解,雷克萨斯相关负责人此前表示,将于2016年在全国新增15家新的经销商,并将于2016年4月在华投放新款GS。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: