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Seven banks in South Korea to help ease the crisis in the shipbuilding enterprise security news agency Beijing in September 19 Seoul Xinhua (reporter Wu Xu) 19 Korean media news, Hana Bank and other 7 banks recently agreed to release the payment guarantee for Hyundai Heavy Industries Company, allows Hyundai Heavy Industries continue to promote new shipbuilding projects. According to Yonhap news agency, last month, Hyundai obtained from two Greek Shipowners VLCC (VLCC) orders, but unable to obtain payment guarantee from the bank, the new shipbuilding project failed to perform. The 7 banks agreed to give a new package of modern heavy industry ship deposit return guarantee, easing the previous heavy industry can not sign a new deal with Greek Shipowners crisis. According to reports, the three major shipyards in South Korea began a large-scale restructuring plan, South Korea began to reduce the advance payment guarantee. But for the owners to buy ships for the vital payment guarantee. Once the shipbuilding enterprises to complete the shipbuilding and collapse cannot be returned the owner to pay the deposit, the guarantee issued by the financial institutions will replace the shipbuilding enterprises in the return of the deposit, if there is no guarantee issued by the owner, often refused to sign the shipbuilding contract. Korean media believes that the South Korean financial institutions to help the shipbuilding industry and the current situation of the Korean shipping industry downturn. The day before, the negative news about Korean shipping and shipbuilding industry constantly. South Korea’s largest shipping company Hanjin filed for bankruptcy protection in August 31st; the world famous shipbuilding company Daewoo shipbuilding in early September was traced to the presence of signs of crisis; South Korea’s fourth largest shipbuilding enterprises STX marine shipbuilding 9 this month to the Seoul Central District Court submitted a plan to save itself. In order to save the struggling shipping companies, the South Korean parliament last week held a two day hearing to explore the government’s mismanagement of the shipbuilding and shipping industry. South Korea’s maritime sector said that due to the bankruptcy of Hanjin Shipping, South Korea’s export enterprises will suffer huge losses, because most of the South Korean exports of goods shipped by the company to the world. South Korea’s finance minister Liu Yihao also said that if you do not provide assistance for Daewoo shipbuilding, once these enterprises bankruptcy may bring trillions of won loss to South korea. (end)相关的主题文章: