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Marketing In today’s business environment, brands need to develop an online presence by connecting with consumers using social media. Most Denver CO PR firms are used to working with news organizations versus people, but now people are in charge. PR professionals need to understand this new rule social media is the consumers playground. In the consumers playground, anything goes. This means brands need to know what consumers are saying regularly. Doing so presents two possible amplifying positive .mentary or stopping negative remarks that can spread like wildfire. What to Learn from Dominos Hard Lesson Dominos Pizza learned the hard way about integrating social media. Approximately one year ago, two Dominos Pizza employees filmed a prank in the restaurants kitchen, and decided to post it on Youtube. The video went viral and Dominos didnt have an online presence. In response, Patrick Doyle, President of Dominos, posted a video on YouTube pleading the public for f.iveness and trust. One year later, Dominos is now considered a leader in using social media. Dominos Twitter feed has over 12,000 followers and the Facebook Page has approximately 480,000 fans. Dominos had to scurry in order to protect its reputation, dont follow in its footsteps. Keys To Social Media Success Any business can create an online presence, but there are some critical elements to doing so. In the ever changing world of social media there isnt a standard blueprint, but there are guidelines. Think about what the brand wants to achieve, understand that social media is about conversation and ongoing dialogue, and balance promotional broadcasting with listening to current and potential customers. A good marketing plan demands a solid framework and social media is no different. Create objectives and strategies that foster connection and dialogue. Select channels that are right for the brand. Then establish metrics to understand whether marketing initiatives are making progress or need refinement. If you’re located in Denver, it is important to establish a strategic social media platform in Denver, CO. The bottom line is important for any business, but broadcasting promotions without talking back with customers will encourage disconnection. Ask yourself a simple question, do you like being ignored? Neither do customers. Remember, this is the consumers playground. Listen to what consumers have to say about your brand and use monitoring tools free and/or paid to identify current or potential customer inquiries that can lead to sales growth. Be smart. Be diligent. Most of all be social. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: