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You have suffered infringement occur frequently unfairly treated students? – Beijing, the original title: 71.3% internship experience of college students surveyed said they had suffered unfair treatment at present, many college students are important human resources unit, but the students practice the tort events occur frequently. Compared with the employing units, interns are mostly in a weak position, vulnerable to unfair treatment, reduced to cheap labor, back pot man, etc.. Last week, China youth daily social investigation center through the network questionnaire, a survey of 2000 college students, to have the practice experience of college students surveyed, 71.3% people suffered unfair treatment. The workload is too large or the working time is too long (51.8%) is the most common situation encountered by students, followed by the job description and job description does not match (45.7%). Encounter unfair treatment, 49.8% of respondents said that college students will communicate with the practice unit or the competent leadership, 43% of the respondents chose to resign, 42.8% of the respondents would swallow. To safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of students practice, 63% of respondents suggested the introduction of special laws and regulations to clarify the powers and responsibilities of the parties, and 62.7% of the respondents recommended the establishment of a dedicated platform for interns. College students involved in the survey, 92.9% of people have had internship experience. Practice shows that 51.8% of respondents when workload is too large or too long working time, internship college students surveyed, 55.6% said their internship experience some of the harvest, some small; 21.2% of people said that most of the harvest; and 2.9% of the respondents did not feel the harvest. Only 20.2% of respondents said most of the harvest. Further investigation showed that 62.2% of the people who practice most of the cases are paid, and no more than 25.1% of the respondents, and about 12.8% of respondents said it was difficult to say. In order to increase the work experience, read the third year of the University of Su Yuming (a pseudonym) a month ago into a Internet Co internship in Beijing, the editorial department responsible for the operation and promotion of the site, 60 yuan a day reward. He told reporters that he had thought that interns will be more relaxed than formal employees, under the guidance of the formal staff will learn a lot of things. But work for a period of time to find that the situation is much different from his imagination. To complete the task in cooperation and predecessors, the actual work will gradually fall on my body, but also with the contents of the work in the company and the Department in charge of this is not the same, I account from time to time be done some extra work." Su Yuming said, although the practice also gave him knowledge and training opportunities, but it is too hard. Survey shows that surveyed college students most want to get from the practice of social experience and work experience (74.2%) (70.2%), also includes other employment opportunities (46.3%), good (32.7%), resume contacts (27.5%), paid (23.5%) etc.. Hebei, a college of design students Fang Wen (a pseudonym) in Hangzhou, an entrepreneurial advertising company internship. During the internship, she participated in the company.相关的主题文章: